People Are Welcoming Candace Owens To The Resistance And Even Calling Her ‘Comrade’ After She Accidentally Advocated For Free Healthcare

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Candace Owens has only been a conservative firebrand for about four years; before that she used to make internet jokes about Donald Trump’s Malcolm Gladwell. So you could forgive her for occasionally, and almost certainly by accident, making some points that just about anyone would agree were progressive. That’s what happened on Monday, when the Daily Wire employee — perhaps best known for her repeated and much-mocked apoplectic fits over “WAP” — tried to dunk on vaccines or something and only succeeded in sounding like a pinko lefty who wants the government to help people.

“The Covid vaccine saves lives, which is why the government is making it free!” she wrote in mock scare quotes. “K. So explain to me why insulin and asthma inhalers cost so much money. If the vaccines are really about the government trying to save your life— why do life-saving medicines cost so much?”

Take that…uh, people against life-saving treatment that shouldn’t bankrupt people? It’s not clear who the target audience was. Perhaps she meant it for people who used to read her in 2015, when she was against conservatives. Probably not, but her attempt to shame the government for making treatment for a highly contagious disease that came awfully close to destroying humanity — and still could, incidentally — blew up in her face.

Soon Owens was encouraging a lot of people to encourage her to go one step forward and embrace her inner Bernie Sanders.

Some welcomed her to the resistance.

Others went even further, photoshopping a Che beret onto her head.

Or embedding a hammer and sickle underneath her tweets.

Soon the term “Comrade Candace” was born.

Which she probably didn’t like.

So the next time Candace Owens is trending because of some awful opinion she’s not embarrassed to put in the public sphere, remember she’s probably two tweets away from accidentally agreeing with you about late capitalism or student debt.