‘Pay your employees living wages’: TikToker calls out Domino’s for ‘Survivor’ challenge encouraging drivers to work 60 days straight

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In a TikTok posted on Jan. 26, Denycia (@denyciadawn) calls out a Domino’s employee promotion, deemed “Survivor: Driver Edition,” that enters its workers into a raffle-like arrangement to win $10,000 if they work 60 days straight, without any tardiness, at multiple locations.

“If there are numerous people that participated and made it to the end, they divvy that $10,000 up evenly amongst all of the employees,” the TikToker explained. “And then start another round.”

Denycia said the event is “so insulting to the working class” and tells viewers to “boycott Domino’s.” She also clarified that Survivor: Driver Edition is happening at locations in Indiana and Kentucky.

“Here’s a thought, maybe pay your employees living wages,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

@denyciadawn here’s a thought, maybe pay your employees living wages 🙃 @dominos #dominos #dominospizza #boycottdominos #boycott #workingclass #corporategreed ♬ original sound – Denycia

In a follow up TikTok, Denycia says that “at least 19 different locations across at least 14 different cities” are participating in Survivor: Driver Edition, and that she found information on the franchises’ Facebook pages (of which she shows screenshots).

The TikToker clarified more information on the contest in other follow up TikToks.

“People that are a part of this competition have a minimum 60 days, minimum two months, and the contest concludes at 90 days,” she said.

In an update, Denycia says that all the advertisements on Facebook for the contest except one have been taken down. It appears that she is correct.

“I don’t know if the competition is still happening, I don’t know if the franchise decided to cancel amidst backlash, I don’t know if Domino’s reached out to the franchise and called kabash on it,” the TikToker said. “I’m unsure of what happened, but something happened.”

Many commenters on Denycia’s initial TikTok, which got over 218,000 views, agreed with the TikToker on the ethics of the contest.

“This is a horror show,” wrote @world.shaker.

“Done, not ordering dominos again,” commented @prestigeworldweyed.

“Yiiiikes. Late stage capitalism at its finest,” wrote @crystalheartconnections.

Others pointed out that drivers are only required to work a minimum of three hours a day.

“And it’s not mandatory, kinda strange to get offended by it,” commented @gizmomogli.

“They [don’t] have to participate so I [don’t] think there is anything wrong with this,” wrote @misymay14779. “Definitely when they only need to work [3 hours] a day.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Domino’s via email, and Denycia through Instagram direct message.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/dominos-survivor-challenge-tiktok/