The Cleveland Cavaliers are dealing with a rash of injuries and illnesses, including to their starting frontcourt of Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen. As a result, they started Ed Davis in his first action of the season on Wednesday against the Nets and called up Tacko Fall from the Canton Charge to fill minutes.

Fall, signed on a two-way deal with the Charge, saw some of his first minutes of the season against Brooklyn. He soon found himself right at the rim, being guarded by 6’1″ Nets guard Patty Mills. Fall is 7’6″ and 311 pounds, so he had a massive size advantage over Mills. And all Mills could really do is grab hold and hold on to try and keep Fall from shooting or dunking on him.

Mills trying his best to stop Tacko in the paint brings back strong memories of one of the all-time great Vines (RIP).

Mills had no shot here to actually defend Fall, so he made the right play. It is also a treat to see anyone of Mills’ size try and defend Fall because there’s nothing they can really about it. Fall is just a massive human and any moment like that where his size advantage is so apart just looks absurd.

Also, Fall needs to just go up strong and dunk it when he gets the ball in that spot against a player that much smaller than him. It’s an easy two points if he just up, even if it means taking a smaller player along for a ride.