Patton Oswalt Made The (Highly Amusing) Case That His Stand-Up Shows Aren’t Worth Dying For

Patton Oswalt stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote the new season of A.P. Bio, but while he was there, the stand-up comedian took a moment to hilariously address his recent headline-making decision to cancel tour dates in states that won’t allow venues to have COVID restrictions.

When Oswalt announced that he was pulling shows in Florida and Utah from his upcoming tour, he bluntly stated at the time, “I have an ego but my ego is not big enough to think that people should die to hear my stupid comedy.” While sitting down with Fallon on Monday night (after returning fire on Ted Cruz), Oswalt expanded on that premise, which left Fallon both laughing and exasperatingly telling people at home “please don’t die.” It was pure late night gold from Oswalt:

When did everyone become Thanos? Where it’s just like, “Whoever dies, dies. You just go out there.” And by the way, if that’s your philosophy, don’t die for a– go die seeing Lizzo. Like, that’s a good last concert to see.

By the way, you shouldn’t die for any entertainer. But if you are make it count. Don’t be in the hospital going, “I’m so glad I got to see that fat nerd whine about The Mandalorian.” That’s a terrible final [moment]. That shouldn’t be your last thing.

Of course, the big question is whether or not Oswalt’s bit was in response to Jim Breuer, or The Tonight show simply zeroing in on a viral moment from earlier in the month. On Sunday, news broke that Breuer is doing the opposite of Oswalt by canceling comedy shows at venues that do have a vaccine requirement, which he literally called “segregation.” Once the story started to spread, the former SNL star got roasted on social media on Monday where he was trending by mid-day. There’s no telling whether Oswalt (who’s an avid Twitter user) put a little extra pepper in his bit just for Breuer, but it’s amusing to imagine, at least.