The Chiefs came into Week 6 at 2-3, having lost to three of the AFC’s top contenders — the Ravens, Chargers, and Bills — already. It has been a strange year for the defending two-time AFC champs as the defense has been downright atrocious, but the offense has looked rather pedestrian at times.

Patrick Mahomes can be included in those having a bit of a down year considering the lofty standards he’s set for his play so far in his career. He entered the week with 16 touchdowns and six interceptions, as turnovers have been a major issue for Kansas City this season after years of being one of the best at avoiding giveaways. The turnover woes continued against the Football Team, including an early contender for the worst interception of the season from any quarterback from the typically reliable Mahomes.

On a third and one from the Football Team 20, trailing by three late in the first half, Mahomes dropped the snap and then, rather than just eating a sack to preserve a field goal to tie before halftime, decided to try and heave the ball downfield only to see it flutter out of his hands as he got hit and fall into the waiting arms of a Washington defender.

Mahomes has had a few of uncharacteristic interceptions this season where he’s forced the ball when nothing’s been available, but this one is the worst of the bunch. There is absolutely nothing there — his receiver isn’t even running a route and is looking to block on a run play that got botched by the snap — and yet he tosses one up anyways as he gets hit. If anything, it feels like a guy who is desperate to recapture that magic from years past but can’t seem to get it going, leading to some forced throws and poor decisions that he typically doesn’t make.


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