Pat Sajak Is In Disbelief Over What’s Going Down On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ This Week

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Much has been made of the rise of super-champs over on Jeopardy! in recent months (and that includes both Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio). And this week, it seems that the trend is spreading over to Wheel Of Fortune, where even host Pat Sajak can’t believe that two contestants (Lisa Kramer and Mark Baer) raked in the nearly unheard-of $100,000 grand prize on two consecutive nights.

That accomplishment was already a historic one, and now, it’s happened for a third night in a row. Bree Yokouchi won the $100,000 Bonus Round with a “Just You Wait” puzzle answer, and this brought her to $121,000 total for the game. As for Sajak, he mock-walked off the stage. “I’m outta… that’s it, I’m through,” he declared while tossing his card into the wind. “$121,000, I’m outta here.”

For her part, Bree did what any of us would do by jumping up and down in excitement. And Sajak hopped onto his phone for a video chat with his daughter (and the show’s correspondent), Maggie Sajak, to express his continuing disbelief: “I’m running out of words to describe my reactions: stunned, surprised…”

He comes by his shock honestly. Sajak’s been hosting this whole shebang, officially as of December, for 40 years, and this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Never say never, though!