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Gekyume’s Circumcision refers to a series of jokes and memes about the circumcision ceremony for late-rapper XXXtentacion’s son, Gekyume.


On January 28th, 2019, XXXtentacion’s son, Gekyume Onfroy, was born.

The earliest known reference to the child’s circumcision, however, was posted in a meme by Instagram users @cumcell on February 2nd, 2019. That day, they posted an illustrated invitation to the ceremony, receiving more than 27,000 likes in less than one month (shown below).

AS You're invited GEKYUME'S 0 CIRCUMCISION CEREMONY Don't bring flowers ,cause they NOTE: may contain bat could sting Gekuyme's PEEPEE


The following day, Twitter user @MurraCainan tweeted, “I can’t wait for #Gekyume ‘s #circumcision party.” The tweet included an illustration of XXXtentacion breastfeeding a child (shown below, left).

On February 4th, the invitation was posted on the /r/jahcoin subreddit by Redditor Jurderze.

Over the next few weeks, more people on social media posted various jokes about the ceremony. For example, on February 6th, Instagram user @epicdong posted a series of memes, including one comparing Gekyume’s circumcision ceremony to the inauguration ceremonies of Presidents “Barack Obama”:memes/people/barack-obama/ and Donald Trump. The post received more than 690 likes in one month (shown below, center).

On February 20th, Redditor Invincible_TKD posted a variation of the Pimples Zero meme using the Gekyume’s circumcision as a theme. The post received more than 470 points (99% upvoted) in 24 hours (shown below, right).

I can't wait for #Gekyume 's #circumcision party. 9:12 PM-3 Feb 2019 OBAMATRUMP picdong GEKYUME'S CIRCUMCISION Gekyume be like Pimples3 2 Zero yu Blackheads Foreskin ZERO

Various Examples

ME AND THE BOYS ON OUR WAY TO TO GEKYUME'S CIRCUMCISION Me and the boys on the way to cut Gekyumes umbilical cord @cloud.pdf MEON MY WAY TO GEKYUME'S
When the resturant says they won't be serving Gekyume's foreskin as an appetizer aight i'm out Me and the boys after we dig Gekyumes foreskin out of the trash @cumcell Me and the boys waiting in line for a piece of Gekyumes foreskin @cumcel

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Vanna White From ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Is Apparently Filthy Rich And Also Ridiculously Charming

It has come to our attention that Vanna White is not only a precious gem of a human, but is also filthy rich.

Vanna White is the co-host of Wheel of Fortune. She’s been touching letters and making them light up for 36 years and counting. She hasn’t done much more than that with her show biz career, and she doesn’t want to.

Also, she doesn’t need to – because she apparently gets paid A LOT of money to be on Wheel of Fortune.

Cosmopolitan dug out all of the fascinating details of Vanna’s income, and some of it may make your jaw drop.

First and foremost, Vanna apparently makes somewhere from $4 to $10 million per year just from co-hosting the show. She’s business-savvy, too: She once won $403,000 in a lawsuit because Samsung aired a commercial with a robot turning letters on a game show.

But mostly, Vanna is just delightful. She’s a homebody who owns her own line of yarn! She’s had the same exact job since 1982! This woman is an inspiration.

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Ariana Grande Just Matched A Music Record Last Achieved By The Beatles Over 50 Years Ago

Congrats are in order for Ariana Grande! The young songstress recently achieved an impressive (and rare!) music industry feat.

Billboard announced on February 19 that the singer had claimed all top three spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. That’s a major accomplishment in its own right, but what makes it even more historic is the fact that Ariana is the first artist to achieve this feat since The Beatles did for the first (and last) time in 1964.

The legendary music group held all top three spots (for “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “Twist and Shout” and “Do You Want to Know a Secret”) for a whopping five weeks in 1964 — March 14, 21, and 28, and April 4 and 25. The week of April 4, 1964, The Beatles actually held the entire top five with their various singles.

“7 Rings,” Ariana’s second single off of her new album Thank U, Next, has topped the Hot 100 for four weeks straight. Her latest single, “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” debuted and is holding at #2, while title track “Thank U, Next” is currently sitting at #3 after previously spending seven weeks in the #1 spot.

The pop star was, understandably, stunned. She responded to the announcement by tweeting, “wait what,” soon followed by another tweet that read, “what the f*ck is going on.” As it turns out, she genuinely didn’t believe she’d accomplished this feat.

“I laughed when I saw this bc i thought y’all edited it. thank u from the bottom of my heart. for so many reasons. first time since the beatles huh. that’s wild. i thought this was a joke when i saw it i’m not kidding. i love u. so much. always have n will. thank u for everything,” she later explained via Twitter.

Of course, Ariana’s recent string of successes hasn’t been without controversy. Earlier this year, she faced accusations of racial appropriation for “7 Rings” and its accompanying music video. Check out the video to see how Ariana responded to that backlash.

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40 Neighbors Find Same Letter On Door Left There By Father Of 3 During Brutal Polar Vortex

Winter 2019 has not been kind to the city of Chicago. January’s brutal and record-breaking polar vortex dropped arctic-cold temperatures onto The Windy City residents.

The Ahmed family is a family of five that lives in the suburbs of Chicago. When the polar vortex hit, they were immediately concerned about their ailing 95-year-old neighbor. That concern led them to worry about their other neighbors who may be sick, elderly and/or unable to function normally in the sub-zero temps.

With no hidden agenda, Sabeel Ahmed and his family came up with a plan. He and his wife spent hours hand-delivering copies of letters to 40 homes throughout their neighborhood. These letters listed a variety of selfless gestures — offering to pick up groceries, fill prescription medication orders or shovel snow from driveways of those who couldn’t or needed an extra hand.

“As temperatures dip way below zero, neighbors are the ones to help each other,” the letters read.

The family of five continued to go above and beyond by extending an invitation into their home for hot tea and snacks.

“We hope and pray each person seeing this letter that they would write something similar and not just for winter this should be a lifelong activity for all neighbors every city of this state,” Sabeel told reporters.

In the clip below, the Ahmed family is honored for their incredible act of kindness.

Footage provided by WGNTV Chicago

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Parents Of Newborn Boy Notice His Lip Keeps Getting Bigger And Surgery Is Only Option

Kim and Tripp Morgan gave birth to a beautiful son named Murphy. It wasn’t long after his arrival that his bottom lip swelled up like a balloon, leaving him with discolored skin on his chin.

At first, Kim wasn’t too concerned. The mother from Little Rock, Arkansas figured her son’s swollen lip would eventually return to normal size.

But the older Murphy grew, the larger his lower lip became. Doctors struggled to find the root cause while Kim and Tripp struggled with the emotional ramifications.

When taking Murphy out in public, people would often stop and stare at his face in judgement, thinking the baby had recently been injured.

Murphy was ultimately diagnosed with a venous malformation, a “non-cancerous cluster of improperly formed blood vessels,” as reports.

Doctors thought injections, mostly used to treat varicose veins, would reduce the swelling. While the injections were effective, Murphy’s lip remained excessively large.

In the end, doctors told the Tripps that Murphy’s only option was a very special type of surgery.

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Ron Burgundy Wants To Talk Christmas All Year Long

Sure, we might be a few months deep into the new year, with the holiday season firmly in our rear view. Does that mean Christmas is a completely off-limits subject? Not if you’re Ron Burgundy. In fact, if it were up to him, Christmas would be discussed all year round!

Ron and producer Carolina reminisce about their most cherished holiday memories: favorite gifts, favorite seasonal commercials, and of course favorite songs, including a few Ron Burgundy originals that are sure to become future classics.

They also go head-to-head over “Die Hard” and its categorization as a Christmas movie. Admittedly, it’s less of of a debate, and more just Ron repeating the film’s most notable catch phrase over and over, but you get the idea.

They’re ultimately joined in the studio by Andrew, a self-proclaimed “Christmas expert,” who helps to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with both Ron and Carolina.

So if you’re looking for ways to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long in your heart, start with your ears and give the latest episode a listen right now.

New episodes of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” drop every Thursday. Check out all the available episodes “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” on iHeartRadio now.

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Girl Has Syndrome That Makes Hair Frizz And Break And There’s Nothing Mom Can Do About It

Unruly hair can be a real pain to manage, but there’s a medical condition that causes hair to frizz and break no matter what. It’s called Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS) and though it’s very rare, it’s also very real.

There are only about 100 reported cases of UHS worldwide. It’s typically characterized by blonde, disorderly hair that grows from the scalp and becomes apparent between infancy and the age of 12.

You’re about to meet an adorable girl named Taylor who was born with UHS. By the time Taylor was nine months old, her mom Cara noticed her tufts of baby hair still hadn’t fallen out.

Cara and her husband discovered they both carried a mutated gene which led to their daughter’s diagnosis. At first, she was devastated over the condition, as there is nothing one can do to make the hair lay flat. Some parents turn to chemical treatments or excessive brushing, but experts say that only makes it worse.

Shilah Calvert Yin is another young girl with UHS. “When Shilah was a baby her hair was so soft and fluffy. Funny thing is it still is,” her mom wrote on Instagram. “It is not coarse at all but extremely fluffy and breaks away from the root quite easily.”

Concerned about Taylor’s emotional health as she got older, Cara is going public with her daughter’s story to spread awareness about UHS.

Photo Credit: Shilah Madison 

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11-Year-Old Was Abducted In 1973 While Walking Home From School, Now DNA Leads Cops To Truth

In July 1973, Linda O’Keefe disappeared on her walk home from summer school. She never made it home that evening.

The 11-year-old from California had last been seen talking to a stranger in a van. The next morning, a bicyclist spotted a small human hand sticking out from the brush. Authorities uncovered Linda’s lifeless body, still clothed in the dress her mother had made for her.

The police department spent decades trying to find Linda’s killer, but the trail went cold. Determined to crack the case, they kept her picture hanging in the detective division where it could be seen every day.

In 2018, on the 45th anniversary of the day Linda went missing, the Newport Beach Police Department suspended its normal Twitter activity to launch a very unique campaign.

In an effort to give Linda a voice of her own, the department began tweeting from her point-of-view, beginning on the day she was kidnapped and ending with a description of her last day on earth and brutal slaying. “Hi, I’m Linda O’Keefe. Forty-five years ago today, I disappeared from Newport Beach. I was murdered and my body was found in the Back Bay. My killer was never found. Today, I’m going to tell you my story.”

Not only did the series of tweets go viral, but they also included vital information about a new lead based on DNA evidence.

Just recently, detectives got the big break they’d been hoping and praying for.

46 years after Linda’s tragic and untimely death, an arrest has finally been made.

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