39 Beauty Products That Makeup Artists Swear By

Former BuzzFeed Shopping editor Ciera Velarde has this lipstick, and here’s what she has to say: “I have worn this lipstick almost exclusively since 2019, I’ve rebought it several times, and the best part — it’s under $10 a tube. I currently own five shades, but it comes in 30 SHADES, so you’re bound to find one that works for you. In addition to being long-lasting, it doesn’t leave my lips all dry and cracked like other matte lipsticks I’ve tried in the past. And I’ve done the leg work — dozens and dozens of times, I’ve put this on before dinner, eaten a full meal, drunk some cocktails, and it still looks fantastic when I get back home!”

Promising reviews: “Wow! Very happy, and need to order in more colors. I’m a makeup artist and I like to test longevity wear on all my makeup. I literally still had lipstick on the following day, after applying it at 3 p.m. the day before. It is matte, so if you have dry lips, I suggest you exfoliate prior to use. Definitely buy!” —S.S.

“I love this brand and the color. My wedding makeup artist introduced me to this brand and I fell in love. It stayed on ALL DAY. Through the summer sun, dinner, dessert, several drinks and my husband appreciated it didn’t come off on his face. I touched it up once that day just to freshen it up, but it wasn’t even necessary. Due to this, I have bought several different shades for daily wear and highly recommend.” —Larissa Kile

Get it from Amazon for $7.98+ (available in 30 shades and in a kit option).

Read our full review of the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick here.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/negestikaudo/beauty-products-professional-makeup-artist-swear-by

Her Son Drew A Picture Of Her With A Moustache For Mother’s Day And It’s As Adorable As It Sounds

Source: TikTok/@valiifdz

Some assignments given to children are destined to leave a parent insulted or puzzled or laughing inside.

In this case it’s probably all three.

TikToker @valiifdz recorded her son showing her a picture he drew of her for Mother’s Day.

“Thank you so much!” she says enthusiastically, stifling her laughter.

Source: TikTok/@valiifdzSource: TikTok/@valiifdz

“Is that my smile?”

Yes. Yes it is, mom. The truth hurts.

And why is there a moustache?

Source: TikTok/@valiifdzSource: TikTok/@valiifdz

“You have a little moustache just like I do,” the boy says without a hint of snark while he touches his “moustache.”

“You’re right,” Mom responds.

It’s great they’re on the same page… As awkward as it may be.

Source: TikTok/@valiifdzSource: TikTok/@valiifdz

This mom finds amusement in the picture her son drew, but she doesn’t insult or shame him for it.

Watch the full clip.


“You have a littke mustache like me” 🥹🥹Dont mind my floor. We’re under construction at the moment😂👷🏼‍♂️ #foryou #fypage #myson #momsoftiktok #mommy #funny #drawing #kindergarten #teamo #fypシ゚viral #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp

♬ original sound – 𝒱𝒶𝓁ℯ𝓇𝒾𝒶ᥫ᭡

Here’s what people are saying.

The number 11! That’s a brilliant way to describe it. A lot of commenters think thought is what he was drawing.

Source: TikTok/@valiifdzSource: TikTok/@valiifdz

Maybe but a literal moustache is funnier. “Loving and positive” is the right description.

Source: TikTok/@valiifdzSource: TikTok/@valiifdz

Haha! It’s true! Not that I would know, being a hip aunt and all…

Source: TikTok/@valiifdzSource: TikTok/@valiifdz

Aw that’s so precious. It must make everyone smile!

Source: TikTok/@valiifdzSource: TikTok/@valiifdz

Your son gave you cartoon dog jowls? Amazing.

Source: TikTok/@valiifdzSource: TikTok/@valiifdz

Move over, Dad. Your wife and son have moustaches to shave.

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Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2024/06/her-son-drew-a-picture-of-her-with-a-moustache-for-mothers-day-and-its-as-adorable-as-it-sounds/

‘Let’s start walking out’: Woman goes to interview for ‘dream job.’ So why does she leave in tears?

Woman goes to interview for ‘dream job.’ So why does she leave in tears?

Is a nightmare interview just the price you need to pay for a dream job? “Absolutely not” is what most comments say on a TikToker’s video where she explains a job interview gone south. This video raises concerns about what kind of job interview questions are appropriate or not.

In a video posted three days ago, Iz (@italianstallion69) gleams at the camera asking viewers to send good vibes her way for this upcoming job interview. Fast-forward to the next day and she posts a video with runny mascara two hours after the interview still in “shambles,” as they state. So what exactly went so bad in the interview?

A nightmare interview

Firstly, Iz recounts the first question the interviewer asked: “Are you wearing makeup?”

When Iz answered that she was, she says the interviewer replied “Interesting,” before getting up close to inspect her face. He took a good look for about 30 seconds before continuing the interview with no explanation. 

He then asked her if she was nervous, Iz recalls.

“And I’m honest. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m nervous,’ and he’s like, ‘So what are you nervous that we’re gonna find out about you?’ And I was taken aback,” Iz says, leading her to explain that she was nervous about whether she’d get the job or not, not because she had something to hide.

But then it gets worse. The interviewer purportedly proceeds to ask Iz about her background with trauma and her family. Iz, trying to maintain her composure, says she responded honestly and gave the interviewer some context about their life. Iz claims the interviewer then cut her off and began to make assumptions about the kind of person she was, including her relationship with men. The interviewer also allegedly asked if Iz was married, which is not a legal question you can ask in an interview, according to Business News Daily. 

Lastly, according to Iz, the interview assumes she is applying for the job because she wants to steal some of the items in their inventory. It seems that Iz is applying for a job in some kind of clinic where the patients use ketamine as a treatment option, a growing treatment in the mental health field.

“I had a smile on my face…internally I was in disarray,” Iz says near the end of the video.

The video has 2.3 million views and almost 10,000 comments as of Saturday morning.

@italianstallionn69 #stitch with @iz ♬ original sound – iz

Viewers weigh in

Viewers in the comments section were just as appalled as Iz about her interview experience.

“Girl this sounds like impractical jokers but I think it was scientology,” one comment read.

“[red flags emoji] girl, RUN the other direction. Another opportunity will present itself,” another user suggested.

“Baby from now on just know you DO NOT have to answer anything about your personal life. that is NOT their business,” another wrote.

“Let’s start walking out,” another said.

In an updated video, Iz gives more information as to how the interview process went and how she will be reaching out to someone in her state about the inappropriate nature of the interview. She also mentions why they didn’t just walk out from the beginning.

“I probably should’ve walked out or I definitely should have voiced my mind better, but being in that situation as a young girl new in the workplace, new in this field, it’s a lot easier said than done to be able to do that,” she explains. “And the reason why I probably didn’t walk out is because it was my dream job opportunity.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Iz for comment via TikTok comment and message.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/dream-job-interview-gone-wrong/

Some Shady Folks Were Messing With His Laundry, So He Caught The Thief Red-Handed And Ruined All Of Their Clothes In The Process

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@braintax

Ugh…this brings back some bad memories

When I lived in apartment buildings, I always had bad experiences with the shared laundry room…

And it sounds like this person did, too!

Check out how they got a little bit of revenge on a laundry bandit…

“I was living in an apartment and we shared a pretty small laundry room.

Now sometimes people will remove your clothes if left unattended for too long, but for the most part we all respected each others property.

Well, that’s weird…

I started doing laundry on Saturday evenings, but upon returning to the dryer I was met with very wet clothes.

These machines were known to break but it was happening constantly, so I became suspicious. One day I return to the laundry room and I notice my clothing are in a completely different machine, and my original machine still had 5 minutes left.

Prior to this evidence my roommate was telling me that I was crazy because I can be pretty forgetful at times.

Originally I just started going on Sundays to fix the issue, but a few months later i decided to go on Saturday. I walk in and notice this girl who I never saw around the apartments before and she’s washing her clothes in the sink.

Nothing to see here?

I thought it was weird but ignored it cuz she had a very hippie vibe to her: dreaded hair, armpit hair, her cleaning products were all natural brands I had never heard of.

So i say hi, and throw my clothes in for the spin cycle. And this is when it got weird. The girl was about my age, probably 25, and when i returned to throw everything in the dryer she was talking to some guy I’d never seen before either.

Oh, boy…

This guy looked nuts: missing teeth, scraggly hair, clothing was a mess.

Their conversation came to a stop when I walked in. It was very odd but I was minding my own business.

I also had a Quidditch robe on so I thought maybe that was why they were staring.

As I get back to my room, I just have this gut feeling that those two were up to something, so i head back downstairs.

Our laundry room has a big window facing a bike rack, so I kind of stand off to the side out there and just start watching these people.

And she does it, starts looking around the room, opens my dryer and starts frantically replacing my wet clothes with hers.

I was ecstatic.


I come around the otherside with a big ole **** eating grin and yell, “I CAUGHT YOU RED HANDED!”

She’s like a deer in headlights, and she just bolts past me. Now I wasn’t really upset but I wanted to shame her for stealing.

It’s only $1.25 for a dry and maybe she was down on her luck but just ask for help, I don’t like thieves.

I grab all her wet clothes, walk outside to the kids jungle gym and just dump her **** in the sand.

I was riding that high for days!”

This is how folks reacted on Reddit.

This person shared their thoughts.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another reader shared a story.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

This person spoke up.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another Reddit user talked about how they used to do it.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

And one individual thinks they know what’s really going on here…

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

That’s how it’s done!

Nice work!

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Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2024/06/someone-was-messing-with-his-laundry-so-he-caught-the-thief-red-handed-and-ruined-all-of-their-clothes-in-the-process/

The Royal Family Welcomed ‘Queen Of Pop’ Taylor Swift And Her ‘The Eras Tour’ To London

Getty Image

With several Grammy Award wins under her belt and millions of albums sold, music chart record breaker, Taylor Swift is undoubtably a global pop star. Still, in some parts of the world, like the UK, there are some figures far more known than her, including The Royal Family.

Yesterday (June 21), Prince William and gang decided to celebrate his birthday by attending the “Fortnight” singer’s The Eras Tour stop at Wembley Stadium.

Today (June 22), photos of Prince William, Princes George, Princess Charlotte, and Swift backstage were shared online.

“Thank you, Taylor Swift, for a great evening! #LondonTSTheErastour,” wrote a representative of The Royal Family.

In Swift’s flick, she was sure to include her beau Travis Kelce, who was spotted singing along in the crowd by concertgoers.

“Happy Bday M8,” wrote Swift. “London shows are off to a splendid start 🇬🇧🇺🇸🤝

Just like in Swift’s performance across the US, The Royal Family celebrated Swift’s arrival by having service people from the British Army and The Royal Corps of Army Music perform “Changing of the Guard (Taylor’s Version)” a cleverly named cover of Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off.”

With two more London shows scheduled for tonight and tomorrow (June 23), ticket holders are excited to see what’s next.

Source: https://uproxx.com/music/the-royal-family-taylor-swift-the-eras-tour-photo-video/

15 Best Aesthetic Water Bottles For Stylish Hydration

It comes with an insulation sleeve, a cleaning brush, and a recipe booklet!

Former BuzzFeed writer Britt Ross adores this water bottle: “I am one of the aforementioned people who have, until recently, gone through life thinking, ‘Why would I drink water when there are other beverages that actually taste good to be had?’ Well, I received this gizmo as a birthday gift from my water-loving husband as a not-so-subtle hint to change my ways, and lo and behold, it’s been a revelation. I often have lemon remnants left over from cooking and baking, and they’re the perfect things to throw into the infuser section of the bottle to liven things up. It’s amazing what a little fruitiness can do — I can guzzle a whole bottle easily! Plus, it’s much easier to clean than you’d think (each section comes apart, and there’s an included brush!), and there’s a grippy section on the side so it doesn’t slip out of your hand. Oh, and did I mention it has not ever leaked?! 10/10, no notes, buy it NOW!!!”

Promising review: “This water bottle is my new best friend! Really, I don’t leave the house without it. It’s helping me drink more water, and I love that I can use all the parts of fruit to flavor my water, no waste! The bottle is easy to clean, and the handle is perfect for when you have your hands full. Very happy with my purchase!” —Laura L.

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in six colors).

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/samanthawieder/aesthetic-water-bottle

32 TikTok Products To Make Your Life A Bit Easier

It comes with three detailing attachments (a flathead, extendable, and brush nozzle attachment). You also get a carrying bag, filter brush, and spare HEPA filter. Plug it into the 12V aux outlet in your car and the 16-foot cord will give you enough slack needed to clean the entire vehicle!

Promising review: “Yes, it is not as powerful as my vacuum cleaner in the house, however, it cleaned out all the garbage, which I accumulated over the past autumn and winter, in the car. At the end of October my husband and I went to the ocean and as we tried to be neat — the sand was still in the car. Finally, I got rid of it! Now my beauty again is clean, as on the first day, when I bought her!” —Julia Bright

Get it from Amazon for $36.98+ (available in two colors and a version with a light).

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/amberusher/if-you-want-to-make-your-life-a-little-easier

‘A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms’: Everything To Know About The Next ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spin Off (Update For June 2024)


House of the Dragons is currently going strong with an abundance of dragons and drama after debuting the second out of four seasons. Already, however, HBO is hard at work on the next Game of Thrones prequel that will help fill the gap between Targaryen seasons. We’re not talking about the possible show about Aegon the Conqueror or George R.R. Martin’s decision to also develop Ten Thousand Ships while hoping for a series green light there.

Nope, we are here to anticipate A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, a full-fledged, Westeros-based series on the way to home theaters in 2025. You might have also heard of this show mentioned as The Hedge Knight, but HBO has formally dispensed with that working title in favor of the more attractive version mentioned above. Let’s get down to business on what we can expect from this series and discuss where it occurs in the GRRM timeline.


First came Game of Thrones, at least on TV. That juggernaut actually takes place last in relation to the rest of HBO’s other Westeros projects. HotD, of course, tells the self-dooming history of the Targaryen dynasty and begins about 300 years before A Song of Fire and Ice books (the basis of the GoT series). Whereas A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms takes place only about 100 years before GoT begins. That doesn’t mean that the Targaryens are extinct, clearly. They are still sort-of in power even without the overwhelming majority of their dragons, and a few of them will be hanging around onscreen in A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, as we will soon detail a bit more.

This series will largely revolve around “Dunk and Egg” (the collective nickname for the two main characters), and this first season will begin to portray the first novella in this series, The Hedge Knight (which GRRM followed with The Sworn Sword and The Mystery Knight). The leading knight in question shall be known to the Westeros people as Ser Duncan the Tall, who is part of that still-chivalrous variety of knights that existed before Ser Criston Cole was getting busy instead of doing his duties as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is currently in the thick of filming in Belfast, Ireland. George R.R. Martin is credited as both writer and executive producer alongside Ira Parker and House of the Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal.

HBO has also provided an official spin off description:

A century before the events of Game of Thrones, two unlikely heroes wandered Westeros … a young, naïve but courageous knight, Ser Duncan the Tall, and his diminutive squire, Egg. Set in an age when the Targaryen line still holds the Iron Throne and the memory of the last dragon has not yet passed from living memory, great destinies, powerful foes and dangerous exploits all await these improbable and incomparable friends.

Who is the “Egg”? That’s an alias, and if you don’t wish to find out his real identity (which is already relatively well known, among both book readers and Westeros fans in general), do not read further.







Egg — who will appear with a hairless head, so that nobody can see the telltale blonde — is actually Aegon V Targaryen and a descendant of Aegon the Conqueror and House of the Dragon‘s Aegon II. He will be entirely insistent upon becoming Duncan’s squire, and obviously, he will get what he wants. The casting of Dunk and Egg feels pretty perfect, too.


As seen ^^^ above, the towering Ser Duncan the Tall lives up to his subtitle. In GRRM’s source material, he’s nearly seven feet tall, and he will be portrayed by Peter Claffey, who is 6’5″ in height. Meanwhile, Egg will be portrayed by Dexter Sol Ansell, who also recently portrayed the young Coriolanus Snow in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. You can see Dexter losing his own blonde locks to prepare for filming right over here.

Additional cast members include Finn Bennett as Aerion Targaryen, Sam Spruell as Maekar Targaryen, Bertie Carvel as Baelor Targaryen, Tanzyn Crawford as Tanselle, and Daniel Ings as Ser Lyonel Barotheon.

Release Date

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms will premiere in 2025, presumably with more HoTD to follow in 2026.


While we await a teaser or trailer, here’s a little Westeros history lesson. Yep, George R.R. Martin has been answering questions for Dunk and Egg obsessives since at least 2019:

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/a-knight-of-the-seven-kingdoms-details-update-june-2024-house-of-the-dragon/

‘How is this allowed??’: Victoria’s Secret manager forces worker to purchase uniform out of her own pocket

When it comes to clothing, lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret is famously skimpy-friendly—except when it comes to their employees. A Victoria’s Secret worker says she was forced to buy new clothes mid-shift when her spaghetti strap top was called out for violating the employee dress code. 

In a TikTok with almost 3 million views as of Saturday, content creator and VS associate Zahavah Suissa (@zahavahsuissa) documents in real time as she purchases Victoria’s Secret clothing and changes during her shift, allegedly at her manager’s request.

“I’m going to scream at work,” Suissa begins quietly, walking through the store, “My manager is making me buy clothes from Victoria’s Secret because I’m not in uniform.”

She sets up the camera to show her outfit: A short, black one-piece bodysuit with spaghetti straps.

“Girl what…we’re in the middle of a heat wave!” she says.

As Suissa picks out her clothing (settling on a black jacket and long black pants), she continues to vent.

“There’s literally pictures of naked women on the wall, so why is it wrong for me to wear a spaghetti strap? Make it make sense,” she says.

“I just put everything over [my outfit], because we’re in a heatwave and I’m going to have to change after,” she says, fully dressed, as the video ends.

@zahavahsuissa How is this allowed??? #retailworker #victoriassecret #worklife ♬ original sound – zahavah suissa

Viewers are split

In the comments section, viewers were divided in their opinions on Suissa’s wardrobe choice and her manager’s alleged decision to make her change.

“Girl, that’s the dress code. I don’t dare show up to my work in shorts and a tank top just cause it’s hot. That’s life,” one user wrote.

“As a Victoria’s Secret employee…THANK YOU. The dress code is so ridiculous. How do you have formalities but then leave it up to the manager’s discretion? Make it make sense,” wrote another viewer. 

“The way I would spend hours clocked in trying on clothes,” quipped another user.

“We were only allowed to wear business black or current appropriate Pink outfits, so no spaghetti straps unless a current jacket is over it. Just dress code,” an apparent former VS employee shared.

According to Victoria’s Secret’s Associate Handbook, employee attire varies depending on the job. VS employees are told to “refer to [their] onboarding materials, operating procedures or talk to [their] manager” for specific dress requirements for their role.

The handbook specifies that employees “are not required to purchase or wear company merchandise,” but “may be asked to modify [their]  dress or remove accessories to comply with our company policies or safety protocols in our facilities.”

Given that each Victoria’s Secret store location has its own variation on dress code (aside from the standard “all black everything,” as one former VS employee put it), enforcement of dress code policies could also vary. However, some viewers of Suissa’s video felt her manager should have given her more options.

“As a former manager for VS, the new policy is she should have given you an hour to go home and change instead of making you wear [new clothes],” one such viewer opined. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Suissa via email and Victoria’s Secret via email for more information. 

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/victorias-secret-dress-code/

Newsletter: The angriest poster in Congress might surprise you

Hello fellow web crawlers! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr

Our top stories today are about: The most angry social media poster in Congress, a FedEx driver sharing the top five things he hates to deliver, people responding to a question about what people do in the shower for 45 minutes, and debunking claims that tall black fences were set up around the Supreme Court

After that, we’ve got another edition of “Meme History” for you. 

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⚡ Today in Internet Culture

Congress’ angriest poster isn’t MTG—it’s some old guy from Jersey

Even though Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) tweets regularly make headlines, she’s not the most negative member of the House online.


‘If you order this, you have caused more back pain than the NFL’: FedEx driver shares the 5 things he hates to deliver

FedEx driver went viral after he shared the top five items he hates delivering


Someone asked what people do in the shower for 45 minutes, and the answers are hilarious

When social media users started questioning what people who take 45 minutes to shower are doing in there, they provided a range of responses, from practical to hilarious.


Furious fake fence rumor prompts fear Supreme Court will rule against Trump on immunity

fake story about tall black fences going up around the Supreme Court swept through conservative social media, leaving a trail of deleted tweets and half-cocked speculation.


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🤓 Meme History

By Kyle Calise
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Hide The Pain Harold Meme

Meme History: Hide The Pain Harold

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Here is what else is happening across the ‘net.

🍽️ This server slammed customers who stay at tables to talk after paying. It backfired

🍔 McDonald’s just changed the recipe for its cheeseburger. Now a former corporate chef is calling out 3 new differences.

🍨 People online are divided over a woman’s Walmart-bought ice cream business that she operates out of her garage

🧀 Apparently there is a ‘right way’ to use a cheese grater

🤑 This shopper went viral for sharing the best to way shop at T.J. Maxx to find good deals. But workers aren’t so sure

🏳️‍🌈 From the Daily Dot archive: From Club Penguin to Roblox, LGBTQ youth have always flocked to gaming websites.

🤳 Today’s Viral Video

“Pillow in a rope” 😂

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