One of the best recurring gags on Seinfeld is the character’s fake names and aliases. There’s Art Vandelay, H.E. Pennypacker, Kel Varnsen, Susie, O’Brien and Dylan Murphy from the limo episode, and Van Nostrand, which Kramer uses multiple times over the course of nine seasons and 180 episodes. Sometimes he’s a professor, other times he’s a doctor, but one thing’s for sure: he’s seen moles so big they have their own moles.

Van Nostrand is also near and dear to Jerry Seinfeld’s heart.

When asked by Extra TV‘s George Hahn if he has any “favorite episodes, moments, or line” from his show, Seinfeld replied, “I do really like when Kramer is trying to find Elaine’s medical records and he goes into the hospital and he says, ‘I’m Dr. Van Nostrand from the institute, and the receptionist says, ‘What institute?’ And he goes, ‘That’s right.’ That’s one of those jokes, really, it’s so simple but so funny.”

The scene is from the season eight episode, “The Package,” which is presumably not one of the episodes Seinfeld he wishes he could redo. “There’s a number of them that I would love to have a crack at, but I don’t really believe, philosophically, in changing or even thinking about the past,” he told People. “My philosophy of life is that just happened the way it happened, and we’re going to go from here. And that’s the best way to… live.”

You can now watch every episode of Seinfeld on Netflix.

(Via People)