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Olivia Rodrigo completed the North American section of her Sour Tour at the end of May, and after a brief break, she journeyed across the pond to pick things up for the European section of the tour. So far, she’s performed at Glastonbury while also doing shows in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and more. After her Glastonbury set, Rodrigo stayed put in the United Kingdom, as she is set to perform four shows across five days. On July 3, she was scheduled to perform in Manchester, but prior to taking the stage, she decided to stop by a dive bar in this city to deliver a surprise performance with her band.

“I’m dead sober,” Rodrigo said before launching into a cover of Natalie Imbruglia‘s 1977 pop record “Torn” at Bunny Jackson’s, a dive bar in Manchester. The record proved to be a hit for Imbruglia, but it was also one for Rodrigo at dive bar as folks in attendance absolutely loved her performance. Unsurprisingly enough, they also shared videos and posts about her performance on social media.

“Why yes Olivia Rodrigo, of course you can turn up at Bunny Jacksons on a bloody Sunday evening and play a song for a laugh before our 3rd set,” one person wrote. According to Billboard, they later added, “Mate, it was wild. They just showed up after playing the arena and her TM asked to jump on between our sets! They were all very lovely.”

You can watch Rodrigo’s dive bar performance in the video above.


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