Odell Beckham Jr. Couldn’t Believe George Pickens’ ‘Filthy’ Catch Against The Browns

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After a slow start on both sides, the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers produced some fireworks in the first half on Thursday evening. The two teams settled in with a 14-13 mark on the scoreboard by halftime but, while Cleveland made some interesting plays, nothing held a candle to the show-stopping highlight produced by Steelers rookie George Pickens with an obscene, one-handed catch.

Immediately, NFL observers were weighing in and attempting to rank Pickens’ catch among the all-time greats, with inevitable comparisons to the now-legendary catch made by Odell Beckham Jr. against the Dallas Cowboys in 2014. That led to the official Twitter account of Sunday Night Football on NBC putting the plays side-by-side for all to see.

Shortly after, Beckham Jr. joined the discussion with praise of Pickens’ work. He called the catch “filthy” and used the time-honored method of all-caps for emphasis.

Pickens’ play did not end in a touchdown and, by nature of its placement on Thursday night and in a game not involving the Cowboys, it probably did not have the same amount of live attention as what Beckham Jr. did. Still, it was an utterly fantastic catch by a multi-talented rookie from a blue blood college program (Georgia), and Beckham Jr.’s seal of approval means a great deal in this context.

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