Not Even Ted Cruz Voted Against The Senate’s Bill To End Daylight Savings-Associated Time Changes (Forever!)

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There’s plenty to worry about in today’s world. You know this already, so surely, we don’t need to discuss all of the things to fear these days. However, there is a bright spot of hope out there, which is that the Senate unanimously came together to do something. No one disagreed, not a one, as every lawmaker in the room voted to end biannual time changes associated with switching back and forth from Daylight Savings Time.

Here’s the video evidence that proves as much. Marco Rubio (who co-introduced the bill, the Sunshine Protection Act) can be seen speaking, and Kyrsten Sinema can be witnessed appearing more excited than she’s ever been (in public, at least).

Of course, Sinema’s state (Arizona) doesn’t change time at all, and she’s probably weirded out by the whole concept anyway. Yet not a villain appeared to destroy this dream, not even Cancun Dreamer Ted Cruz, but hey, this is a pretty big deal for all of us who are somehow still exhausted by losing an hour of sleep over the weekend. It matters! Daylight Savings Time could somehow become a permanent thing.

Now, though, the bill goes to the House before reaching Biden’s desk. Will there be opposition from Lauren Boebert (who maybe wants an extra hour of nightfall to clean her guns) or even Madison Cawthorn (who likes to be contrary all the time, and maybe thinks Daylight Savings Time is too “woke”)? Please no. We could always use a little more sunshine in our lives.


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