Normani isn’t one to be shy about promoting her music on social media, even if she thinks she’s bad at using the platforms. The rising pop star greeted 2022 by playing her new single in the car, and now she’s given fans a brief live rendition of the track. She also let listeners know that the new single is “genre-bending” and unexpected from her, while also casually dropping the news recently that her debut album is all but done. Now that’s good news!

Since the release of last year’s Cardi B-featuring fan-favorite, “Wild Side,” Normani has been riding pretty high. And fans are more than ready for her to double down on the momentum and get this album out into the world. Check out her live rendition of a snippet from the upcoming single up above, and keep your eyes glued to her social media, because earlier today Normani tweeted that she has an announcement coming very soon.

Since her first single, “Motivation,” was co-written with Ariana, and her second single,”Wild Side,” featured one of the biggest rappers in the world, maybe there’s another musical mentor involved with this third release. Or, maybe it’s just her flexing her own substantial talents. Stay tuned to find out.