‘Normalize matching their energy’: Worker throws drink at drive-thru customer in viral TikTok

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Workers across the internet are fed up with rude customers. But a viral TikTok posted last month shows a worker literally throwing the disrespect right back—and viewers are eating it up.

Two security cameras, one covering the exterior of a fast-food drive-thru and the other recording the worker manning the window, captured a disgruntled customer throwing a cup through the window at the employee.

The employee didn’t even hesitate before picking up a cup of his own and threatening to toss it right back at the people in the car. The driver put their arm up as if to block, and that’s when the worker tossed the cup right into their vehicle.

By Tuesday, the video had over 5.5 million views. Without further context, viewers were eager to side with the employee and his disinterest in letting himself be disrespected for what is likely a minimum-wage job.

“Normalize matching their energy,” commenter @kikacoca wrote. “Customers are always wrong.”

“If I was the manager I’d be like yo take my job and a raise,” @letsskoden said. “You earned it.”

Another viewer pointed out that whatever initially irritated the customer “just can’t be that serious that you’d get so mad and throw something at a worker making 7.50/hr.” User @signaturekae wanted to know “Why do customers treat people this way?”

“You don’t just go around hitting or throwing things at people because of a mistake,” the user wrote.

Commenters noted that customers often go unchallenged over outrageous behavior, and many were glad to see that change, even if just for in one video.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the uploader, @dmario98, via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/worker-throws-drink-customer/