New Zealand’s Divorced Couple Team (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

The “Divorced Daredevils” are at odds as a team in ‘Race to Survive: New Zealand.’

Chrissy Bobic - Author
Creighton and Paulina stand in front of a blue background for Race to Survive: New Zealand
Source: USA Network

It’s hard to imagine willingly partnering with an ex to compete on a competition reality show where the pressure is very real. But that’s exactly what the divorced couple, nicknamed the “Divorced Daredevils,” are doing on Race to Survive: New Zealand. And in an exclusive clip ahead of the May 27 episode, we meet exes Creighton and Paulina, who understand the intensity of the Race to Survive competition, but have agreed to work together anyway.

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The clip also features best friends Coree and Jeff, who seem to have a better understanding of working together. Still, you can’t really blame the Divorced Daredevils for having difficulties getting along and keeping their heads in the game at hand. As the couple explains in the clip, they got divorced just five months prior to filming.

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The “Divorced Daredevils” from ‘Race to Survive: New Zealand’ have a lot of differences.

In the Race to Survive: New Zealand clip, Creighton and Paulina have some communication issues. When they discuss the option of going after some supplies to sustain them for future races versus placing higher in their current race, they don’t exactly see eye to eye. And it’s made even worse by Creighton not quite listening to what Paulina has to say from her perspective.

“I think there’s just a lot of differences in the two of us, and we thought, you know, let’s go to therapy and we’ll work on this together,” Paulina tells producers in the clip. “And that way, we can be the best versions of ourselves that we can be so that we can compete at our best.”

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In the end, Creighton concedes to Paulina’s choice in avoiding the food cache and continuing on in the race. However, he can’t help but add, he doesn’t agree with the decision Paulina made for their team.

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What is the prize in ‘Race to Survive: New Zealand’?

There are multiple legs to the race on Race to Survive: New Zealand. But for all of the teams who are cast to compete, the grand prize is worth all of the difficulties in the end, since just one team walks away with $500,000. The teams have 40 days to travel 150 miles, and yes, it’s as treacherous as it sounds.

Jeff and Coree stand in front of a blue background for Race to Survive: New Zealand
Source: USA Network

As both Creighton and Paulina and Coree and Jeff trudge along in the clip, the stakes are not lost on either team. But in the end, each team has to agree on how to proceed. And we can only imagine how hard that is to do when your teammate is also someone who you have trouble communicating with in real life.

Watch Race to Survive: New Zealand on Mondays at 11 p.m. EST on USA Network.