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Despite not getting a new season of Stranger Things this year, all-in-all it hasn’t been too shabby of a time to be a fan of the hit Netflix original series. The showrunners have dropped hints that an extended universe is on the way, more merchandise than ever before is coming, both Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game are now available to play on Android devices, and, for some lucky fans, something even cooler is headed their way this weekend.

On November 6, Stranger Things enthusiasts living in New York City and Los Angeles will get the chance to drop by the series’ first-ever pop-up shops located in Times Square and The Americana at Brand respectively. According to Variety, both stores will be completely decked out with Stranger Things-inspired décor, creating an immersive experience for shoppers and providing fans with plenty of exclusive photo opportunities. Even better, the store will also be selling some seriously cool-sounding limited-time merchandise.

Among the merchandise being sold at the pop-up stores are General Mills Stranger Things cereal, which comes packaged in 1980s-style boxes, and a line of collectible Bandai action figures featuring 16-inch demogorgons with interchangeable heads. There will also be an exclusive “Elegorgon” vinyl piece for sale, which features Ecuadorian artist Chogrin’s rendition of what “an Eggo waffle eating tween would look like if mashed up with a demogorgon.” The stores will also have customizable apparel stations and “much more.”

While fans shop, they will also get the chance to partake in a series of exclusive photo moments, including getting up close and personal with a demogorgon in the Upside Down, attending Hawkins Middle’s Snowball Dance, and hitting up iconic locations, such as the Starcourt Mall, the Russian Lab, and Joyce’s House. Last but certainly not least, there will also be arcade games available to play at a replica of Stranger Thing‘s Palace Arcade.

For a first look at the interactive pop-up stores, you can visit People’s exclusive report.


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