Netflix Announces A Premiere Date For Its Star-Studded Tribute To Bob Saget

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When Bob Saget suddenly and unexpectedly died in a Florida hotel room in early January, tributes quickly poured in, so beloved was he as a comic, a TV star, and a filmmaker. Indeed, people are so passionate about sharing their love for Saget that a Netflix special dedicated to his legacy will be ready to watch less than six months after he passed.

It’s called A Tribute to Bob Saget, and its existence was revealed during last week’s Netflix is a Joke festival. As per Deadline, the special consists of an event held after his death populated by friends and family. Among those present were his Full House co-star John Stamos, as well as the likes of Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Jeff Ross, and John Mayer. The special will drop on Netflix on June 10.

The cause of Saget’s death took a while to be made public. About a month after his passing, it was revealed that it was the result of head trauma he endured while alone in his hotel room after a stand-up set. It was later revealed that his injuries may have been even worse than initially reported.

Saget enjoyed an incredible double life. To many, he was a warm sitcom father figure and jovial host of a show comprised of wacky videos filmed by everyday people. By night, he was one of the bluest comics in the scene. Indeed, the eulogy delivered by his longtime pal and colleague John Stamos managed to be both touching and appropriately filthy.

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