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Netflix is dipping its nose back into the Miami drug trade, and Sofia Vergara is coming along for the trip. The Modern Family star has signed onto Griselda, a six-episode limited series based on the real-life lady drug lord Griselda Blanco. The queenpin was previously featured in the Cocaine Cowboys documentary series, but now, she’s getting the full Hollywood treatment from several key members of the Narcos team who will help Vergara bring Blanco’s tale to the streaming service. Via Variety:

“Griselda Blanco was a larger-than-life character whose ruthless but ingenious tactics allowed her to rule a billion dollar empire years before many of the most notorious male kingpins we know so much about,” Vergara said. “We are thrilled to have found the perfect partners in Eric, Andrés and Netflix to help us bring this story of her life to the screen.”

Dubbed the “Queen of Cocaine,” Blanco was gunned down in the streets of Columbia in 2012 after serving nearly two decades in prison. According to CNN, she was known as the “godmother” while coming up in the Miami drug trade during the 70s and 80s where she reportedly moved “multi-ton shipments of cocaine” and organized “countless murders.”

“If she was not one of the most prolific traffickers in the Miami area, she clearly was one of the most violent. We’ve got her, conservatively, estimating her to be involved in at least 40 homicides between Miami, Queens and Broward County,” Sergeant Al Singleton of the Miami-Dade PD said during Blanco’s 1994 trial.

Is that a lot of murders? Because that seems like a lot of murders. Why can’t the Florida drug trade stick to what makes it so special? And by that we mean speedboats. Wicked awesome speedboats. Man, they’re so rad.

(Via Variety)


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