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Mitski’s Laurel Hell came out earlier this year and it saw the artist delving deeper into synth-laden late-’80s and early ’90s pop production at a number of turns. While not everyone was blown away with the output, it’s undeniably still a reflection of Mitski’s ability to write about the immeasurable while always making it relatable to fans.

“Love Me More” was one of the album’s singles and Mitski said in January that it “went through the most iterations out of all the songs on the album,” adding, “It’s been too fast, too slow, and at some point, it was even an old-style country song.”

Well now it has yet another iteration, an official one at that, with a new remix by avant garde electronic producer Clark. On the remix, the disco-pop original gives way to dark and ominous electronica, yielding an entirely new feel to the track. Any shade of flowers and glow from before have now become visceral, carnal emotions. It’s quite the flip.

“Clark’s music, specifically his album Death Peak, was what opened my eyes to contemporary electronic music,” Mitski said in a statement. “It showed me how emotive it could be. So when I was asked to do a remix, he was the first and only person that came to mind for the job.”

Listen to Mitski’s “Love Me More (Clark Remix)” above.


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