Mike Lindell Is Desperately Offering Testimony To The Jan. 6 Hearing (And Bill Barr), And No One Wants To Hear Him

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Mike Lindell continued his one-man self-own crusade by stopping by Steve Bannon‘s podcast and inadvertently revealing that absolutely no one of any importance wants to hear his election fraud “evidence.” While fielding questions from Bannon, the MyPillow CEO admitted that his attempts to testify in front of the January 6 hearings were rebuffed. Lindell also shared that former United States Attorney General Bill Barr wouldn’t even give him the time of day.

Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter:

BANNON: Has the committee reached out to you to go through all the voluminous material you have about the election of 3 November 2020, sir, yes or no?

LINDELL: No, they haven’t. And that’s sad, too, because I’ve offered. I’d love to come to your little committee as long as you nationally televise it there, Miss Pelosi.

BANNON: Ok, fine. Number one, so they’re too gutless to get the information you have. Has Bill Barr ever reached out to you to ask any questions, given all the high profile that you have, about anything that you’ve found regarding election fraud in the last two years, sir?

LINDELL: No, he’s actually avoided me, Steve. I mean, I’ve put out stuff, I tried to get stuff to him in the past, and it’s a complete block.

Of course, Barr rebuffing Lindell fully tracks given the recent disclosing of Barr’s deposition for the Jan. 6 committee where he called the stolen election claims “bullsh*t.” The former attorney general also laughed at the premise of Dinesh D’Souza’s election fraud film, 2000 Mules, which he called “unimpressive” and “indefensible.” Those remarks prompted Bannon to threaten Barr.

“We’re coming for you, bro!” Bannon declared on his podcast.

(Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)

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