Michael C. Hall Suggests Watching These Four Episodes Before ‘Dexter’ Returns

If you watched all 96 episodes of Dexter that aired between 2006 and 2013, congratulations, you’re all caught up for the upcoming limited series — and you lived to tell the tale of the treadmill. But if you bailed on the Showtime series after season four or have never seen an episode, star Michael C. Hall has got you covered.

“If you’re starting to watch Dexter, I recommend you start with the first episode and then watch them in order,” he joked to Entertainment Weekly before highlighting four of his favorite episodes, beginning with two episodes from season one: the pilot and “Seeing Red.” “In the first season, there’s also an episode in which Dexter makes a fundamental discovery about his origins. If nothing else, I love it because I got to do this really fun face plant into a room full of blood, and it was like a sort of macabre slip and slide.”

Next up is season three, episode 10, “Go Your Own Way, where “Dexter and Miguel Prado, played by Jimmy Smits, end up having a face-off on the roof of a building downtown. And Jimmy Smits does this amazing thing where he says, where he makes this gesture while he’s yelling at Dexter that, I don’t know, always really stuck in my mind, because I had a really good front row seat for it,” Hall said. Finally, we have the season finale of season four (the show’s best season), “The Getaway.” Hall didn’t spoil what happens, “but you’ll see what I mean,” he teased.

To recap, the four episodes are:

Season 1, episode 1, “Dexter”
Season 1, episode 10, “Seeing Red”
Season 3, episode 10, “Go Your Own Way”
Season 4, episode 12, “The Getaway”

Maybe watch the finale, too, if only for the jokes. Dexter returns to Showtime on November 7.

(Via EW)

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