Meghan Trainor Announces Her New Album, ‘Takin’ It Back’

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Meghan Trainor is “takin’ it back” to the old school sounds with which she first stepped onto the scene. This morning, Rolling Stone announced that Trainor fourth studio album, Takin’ It Back, will arrive this October.

The album will feature collaborations with Natti Natasha, Arturo Sandoval, and Teddy Swims, the latter of whom will feature on the album’s lead single, “Bad For Me,” out this Friday (June 24).

On Takin’ It Back, Trainor will detail her life as a new mother and a wife, as well as her journey to finding confidence in her new body.

When speaking of the album to Rolling Stone, Trainor revealed that in addition to returning to the retro sounds of pop tracks set to live instrumentation, Takin’ It Back also refers to her taking back the power she felt she lost during the pandemic.

“I just felt like anything I ever achieved is all gone,” Trainor said. “I haven’t been out in public and [for] so long trying to be safe, and it crippled me a little bit with my confidence. And so coming back with music, I was also so hard on myself. I thought all these songs were trash. Every idea I would come up with, I would say, ‘Is this trash or amazing?’ ‘Is this garbage or is this dope?’ And everyone was like, ‘This is your best work yet.’ I think when I started seeing [and] hearing people that don’t have to be nice to me tell me that this music is good, that’s when I was like, ‘Maybe I do have something special.’

Check out the Takin’ It Back album artwork below.

meghan trainor takin it back album cover
Courtesy of Epic Records

Takin’ It Back is out 10/21 via Epic.