Marjorie Taylor Greene Seems To Be The Only One Mad That Tulsi Gabbard Shredded Liar George Santos On Fox News

On Tuesday night, Tulsi Gabbard actually did the right thing. While filling in for Tucker Carlson on Fox News, the recently former Democrat interviewed George Santos, the incoming GOP representative who’s been busted lying about…well, pretty much everything. The guy even fibbed about his avowed Jewish heritage. If Tucker had been hosting, he’d probably have hurled softballs, even helped Santos with his spin. Not Tulsi, who might have helped end Santos’ career. Gabbard didn’t receive much backlash from Republicans. Well, there was one.

As caught by Mediaite, Marrjoe Taylor Greene came out in force, not against Santos for lying — and potentially jeopardizing the GOP’s already slim hold in the House — but against Gabbard for not helping the poor guy lie his way out of his lies.

“Tulsi Gabbard, who says she is a former Democrat, gave Rep-elect George Santos zero grace,” Greene wrote in a tweet thread. She took Santos’ side, saying he was “admitting and apologizing for lying about his resume.” (He actually claimed his fibs were embellishments and even said people can “debate” his résumé. Gabbard responded by saying, “Is it debatable or just false?”)

Greene continued to trounce Gabbard for doing her job as an alleged journalist (or whatever she is as a former lawmaker on Fox News). “I don’t think a former Democrat who’s actions on the House floor as recent as 2020 that gave her an A from Planned Parenthood, an F from the NRA, and introduced a climate agenda signature piece of legislation called the OFF Act – designed to end all fossil fuels (the same as AOC’s Green New Deal) should lecture a newly elected Republican member of congress on how he should vote to represent his Republican district.”

Of course, Gabbard has since ditched the Dems and is even subbing for a guy who told conservatives to harass people who wear masks at the height of the pandemic. Greene ended her tirade by saying she appreciates that Gabbard flip-flopped.

Greene ended by making a bizarre argument about someone caught being dishonest while pursuing a powerful job: “I think we Republicans should give George Santos a chance and see how he legislates and votes, not treat him the same as the left is.”

Why is Greene defending a liar? Mediaite speculates that it may be because Santos, when/if he’s sworn in, will be deciding vote in making Kevin McCarthy House majority leader. Many MAGA representatives want him ousted from leadership. Greene, who is MAGA, too, but whom McCarthy has vowed to put on committees, does not. But Greene has never let truth stop her from spreading nonsense about, oh, for instance, “Jewish space lasers.”

(Via Mediaite)