The cult favorite Swedish post-punk band Makthaverskan announced their fourth album, För Allting will be out next month, kicking off the news with the shimmering lead single, “This Time.” Considering this is their first new music since 2017’s III — their third album — the band’s devoted fan base were thrilled to get new music. And this time around, the band has moved into more of an atmospheric, melodic direction. The album’s second single, “Closer,” doubles down on that shift. Check it out above.

According to a press release, the band started recording music just before lockdown last year. They purposefully wanted to shift their sound away from the first three albums:

“When we started the songwriting process for this album, I think we all were pretty determined to take the music in a new direction. Not necessarily that we would sound ‘different,’ but to work on the songs using somewhat different methods than before. For our previous albums we have written the songs in our rehearsal space and pretty much recorded them the way they were. For this album we intended the songs to be finalized in the studio in a different and left some more room to work with.”

The method seems to be working well, as both new singles are epic. För Allting will be out 11/12 via Run For Cover Records. Pre-order it here.


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