Machine Gun Kelly Sparks Megan Fox Marriage And Pregnancy Rumors At The Billboard Music Awards

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Much has been said about Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s relationship given some of the unusual ways they choose to conduct themselves within it. Now, it appears the pair are taking things to a new (and conventional) level, as Kelly suggested their dynamic has changed.

While performing “Twin Flame” at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards last night, Kelly introduced the track by saying, “I wrote this song for my wife.” He later added, “And this is for our unborn child.”

So, it appears MGK and Fox are married with a child on the way. That may not really be the case, though, as Kelly has referred to Fox as his “wife” before, like during a March appearance on Ellen. Furthermore, perhaps when Kelly said “unborn child,” he was referring to an eventual kid he and Fox may have. Whatever the case, neither Kelly nor Fox have taken to social media to offer any clarification on that front.

What we do know for sure is that the two are engaged, as evidence by Fox’s thorny, intentionally painful engagement ring. James Corden recently asked Kelly when he thinks the wedding is going to be and he responded, “Um… when they can build me, like, a red river with, like, gothic… the location is hard. Trying to find a spot that’s matching my artistic…”


New Facebook Page: