Lizzo Says She Has Ghosted ‘People You Would Not Believe’

Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James has a fun recurring segment called “Unpopular Opinions,” in which the titular host and his celebrity guest hear unpopular opinions from listeners and discuss their thoughts on them. Jake Gyllenhaal’s defense of Sean Paul is perhaps the most famous moment to emerge from the segment over the past few years, and recently on the program, Ed Sheeran got real about his songs being used as wedding music. The latest participant in the segment is Lizzo, and on it, she suggested that she has ghosted some noteworthy people.

The final listener of the segment declared that she believes it’s OK to ghost someone (aka cut off communication suddenly and without warning) after a few dates. After initially agreeing, Lizzo decided to change her mind. She declared, “Here’s the reason why I agreed with you: I’m a ghoster. I’ve ghosted people you would not believe [laughs].” In reference to Lizzo’s series of flirty social media encounters with Chris Evans, the listener joked, “Like Chris Evans.” Lizzo responded, “No, baby, that’s one man I won’t ghost.”

She then continued, “I have [ghosted], but I don’t think it’s OK. I always get really apologetic when they confront me about it. […] I apologize, but I do it, so I’m kind of on the fence about this one.”

Lizzo then asked the listener why they ghost people, and they gave an insightful answer about not bringing up perceived flaws that may not be an issue to somebody else and therefore making the ghostee needlessly self-conscious. That response seemed to have hit Lizzo and left her with a different point of view about ghosting, or at least the listener’s philosophy behind it.

Check out the “Unpopular Opinion” segment above.

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