Larry David Had A Prettay, Prettay, Prettay Larry David Weekend In New York

Curb Your Enthusiasm fans got a pretty nice treat this weekend as Larry David showed up to not one, but two public events where he was in prime Larry David form. (No, he didn’t yell at Alan Dershowitz this time. Sorry.) The Curb creator was spotted at New York Fashion Week where you could tell he was absolutely thrilled to be there by the way he covered his ears and visibly hated everything that was happening around him.

The clip of David giving zero f*cks went immediately viral on Sunday as people loved the pure Larry vibes in the video:

David was also present for Emma Raducana‘s win at Saturday’s US Open. Just like the Fashion Week video, David was seen covering his ears, but he also switched things up by making some very nonplussed Larry faces during the match.

Before going viral for covering his ears, David was coming off another Curb-like moment after being disinvited from Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party back in August. While that might seem like an awkward and embarrassing event, David revealed to the New York Times that he couldn’t have been more relieved because he was terrified that he’d have to perform for the celebration.

“I was pretty glum when I finally called back his assistant,” David told the Times. “When he told me I was eighty-sixed from the party, I was so relieved, I screamed, ‘Thank you! Thank you!’ He must have thought I was insane. Then I hung up the phone, poured myself a drink, and finished my crossword puzzle.”