Lara Logan Is Too Batsh*t For Even Fox News To Handle, But She Says They Just Don’t Like ‘Independent Thinkers’

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Former 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan has been about as welcome a presence on Fox News over the past several months as Rudy Giuliani. Up until November 2021, Logan was a familiar face to audiences… until she made the unfortunate decision to compare Dr. Anthony Fauci to Josef Mengele—yes, the Nazi “Angel of Death,” who performed monstrous experiments during the Holocaust.

Fox viewers have yet to see the 51-year-old anchor reappear on their screens since. And while Fox has kept relatively mum on Logan’s future with the channel—or even to acknowledge that she is indeed a human being who does exist in this world—Logan has her own ideas about why Fox has shipped her off to news person Siberia.

As Mediaite reports, Logan resurfaced on Wednesday to chat with a conservative radio personality named Eric Metaxas. After gushing over how “wonderful” it was to see her face on Fox News each day, Metaxas got right to the matter at hand and asked the question on everyone’s mind: Has Logan been officially fired by Fox News, or did she make the decision to leave?

“No, I was definitely pushed out,” Logan said. “There is no doubt about that.” But rather than admit that her comments about Dr. Fauci may have been, well, a lot bit heinous, she seems to stand by her previous comments and placed the blame squarely on Fox News.

“They don’t want independent thinkers,” Logan said. “They don’t want people who follow the facts regardless of the politics.”

Believe it or not, there was a time—in the not too distant past, in fact—when was a pretty respected journalist. Yes, the same Logan who recently accused Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky of having ties to Satan and the occult. It’s a bizarre allegation, but not a particularly surprising thing to hear coming out of the mouth of a woman who blocked the Auschwitz Museum on Twitter after they denounced her comments about Dr. Fauci.

(Via Mediaite)