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Since then, Khloé has been keeping a fairly low profile — and hasn’t even revealed the little boy’s name.

While Khloé has been private about her new addition, she’s finally offering a glimpse into her life as a mom of two.

“I know it’s cliché, but I love everything, even the hard parts,” Khloé said in a recent interview with Elle.

She continued, “[My kids] challenge me as a person, and being able to shape little people into really incredible big people is an honor and a gift.”

Khloé noted that she takes her role as a mom “seriously” — especially “with how much accessibility children have and the information they’re exposed to so young.”

And although handling things like that as a mom can be “super scary” she says she “loves it so much.”

Khloé didn’t offer any specific information about her newborn son, but it sounds like she’s thriving with her little ones.

You can read all that Khloé had to say here.


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