Later this month will mark five months since the music world was met with the unfortunate news of Young Dolph’s death. He was shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis while shopping at a bakery. An autopsy that was late conducted revealed that Dolph was shot a shocking 22 times. Three people were arrested in connection with his murder, so it appears that justice will be served for his death. Key Glock was one of many people that were affected by Dolph’s and it’s due to their close relationship. They are cousins by marriage and they collaborated musically on several occasions like 2019’s Dum And Dummer and 2021’s Dum And Dummer 2.

Key Glock recently sat down for an interview, his first since Dolph’s death, with Complex’s Speedy Mormon and it’s here that he opened up about his well-being. “I’m maintaining,” Glock says afterMormon asked how he’s been doing since Dolph’s death. “Like, I’m not getting better, I’m not getting worse. I’m just here right now.” He continued, “I can’t shake it, man. I ain’t even gonna lie. I can’t even shake it. It is what it is.”

Mormon then asked Key Glock to share the moment he learned about Dolph’s death. Glock said he was at home resting when someone shouted his name to inform him of the news. “You know how you can hear how somebody call your name, like the tone of they voice, like you know something wrong you just don’t know what it is?” he said. “That’s what it was.”

You can view the full interview in the video above.