TMZ reports Kanye West is under investigation after being accused of battery by a woman whose phone he snatched. Kanye was apparently leaving his daughter North’s basketball game when he confronted the woman and a man, who were in a car recording him. In a video posted online, Kanye can be seen accosting the voyeurs from his SUV, eventually getting out and telling them to stop filming him.

“If I say stop, stop with your cameras!” he says. However, the woman argues that because he’s a celebrity, he ought to be used to it. That only sets him off; he grabs her phone out of her hand and chucks it into the street. You can watch the video below:

Kanye has a well-documented history of confrontations with the paparazzi. As recently as last year, he was making arguments that they should pay the subjects for their photos as he was being investigated for battery for allegedly punching a fan who asked for an autograph. He didn’t face charges in that incident because Los Angeles City Attorneys declined to file them. Kanye also previously attacked a photographer in 2013 for getting overly aggressive on a day he was just not in the mood.