Kanye Sampled Kamala Harris’ Infamous ‘We Did It Joe’ Call For ‘Donda 2’

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As usual, a new release from Kanye means a new slew of drama. Some fans will likely be impacted by his decision to bring out both accused rapist Marilyn Manson and embattled rapper DaBaby at yet another listening. Then, there’s the fact that he sampled his own estranged ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, praising his skills in one of the Donda 2 tracks. But Ye has also included words from another pretty famous woman on his new album. Getting back into his political lane, Ye included none other than Vice President Kamala Harris on one of Donda 2‘s tracks.

In case you missed the moment during last year’s tumultuous election, it’s the recorded phone call between Kamala and President Joe Biden when she calls him with the confirmed results that their ticket did, in fact, win the White House. Though the Democratic party is currently in power, and still seeming incapable of getting any real change pushed through congress, perhaps Kanye quoting Kamala’s heartfelt “we did it!” chant was a little early on. But Kanye is never one to shy away from political games,especially since he ran for president himself in the race Joe eventually won. Still, his inclusion of Kamala’s take on the situation is notable,and might even lead to more.

Source: https://uproxx.com/music/kanye-sampled-kamala-harris-we-did-it-joe-donda-2/