John Fetterman Is Trying To Get Dr. Oz Into The New Jersey Hall Of Fame, And Oz’s NJ Congressman Is Joining The Effort

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The senatorial race in Pennsylvania will be one of the most watched races come November, as current Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and his many tattoos face off against controversial TV quack Dr. Oz. Fortunately for the millions of politicos keeping an eye on the race, Fetterman is making it entertaining as hell.

When he’s not owning Dr. Oz on Twitter, Fetterman is regularly reminding voters that Oz is not a Pennsylvanian. In fact, Oz didn’t even purchase a home in the state until earlier this year, and when filling out his “new” address on some forms, he actually managed to misspell the town name. Fetterman is loving every last one of Oz’s gaffes.

Last week, Fetterman basically broke the internet when he enlisted the help of Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to remind Dr. Oz that he’s a Jersey Guy through-and-through—and that she loves him for it.

Now Fetterman has taken his campaign to make Dr. Oz the Garden State’s most famous resident to the next level by starting a campaign to see the former TV show host be inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Fetterman even created a petition, which you can sign here.

As it turns out, Dr. Oz is totally eligible—and the congressman for his district, Bill Pascrell, is totally into the idea.

Let’s go Oz!


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