John Fetterman Is Daring Millionaire Dr. Oz To Live On The Low Minimum Wage He Has No Interest In Seeing Raised

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The Senate race between former TV star Mehmet Oz and current Pennsylvania lieutenant governor John Fetterman has not only been one of the most important in the nation. It’s also been by far the most entertaining. Fetterman is excellent at social media. Oz is not. As such, hilarity has ensued, early and often. Recently he tried to get the longtime New Jersey resident into the state’s hall of fame. Now he has another solid jab.

As per Insider, Fetterman is daring Oz, a millionaire who has tried (and not always successfully) to rebrand himself as a champion of the common man, to live well below what he’s used to. That is, he’s daring him to live on the very low minimum wage he has no interest in seeing raised.

“Another year, still no change to our s*itty $7.25 an hour minimum wage,” Fetterman wrote in a statement. “And because of inflation, the minimum wage today is worth 27% less than it was worth 13 years ago, and 40% less than 1968.”

Fetterman continued: “My opponent Dr. Oz doesn’t care about the people across Pennsylvania who are hurting, and he doesn’t even believe that our embarrassingly low minimum wage needs to be increased.”

Fetterman had a modest proposal. “So since Dr. Oz, who owns 11 homes around the world including several multimillion-dollar mansions, thinks that our minimum wage is a livable wage,” he wrote, “then he should be forced to live on $7.25 an hour so that he can demonstrate to all of us how it’s possible.”

Indeed, the federal minimum wage hasn’t been raised since 2009 — 13 years to the day, as of Sunday. Pennsylvania, where Oz is running, is one of the states hasn’t raised it above the federal minimum. It’s a working class-heavy state, filled with people struggling with not only the pandemic but soaring inflation that may not come down for another year, if not more.

Oz has not done a great job of either defending himself nor of returning fire. What’s more, he occasionally lets slip that the “MAGA movement” is “dying.”

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