A year ago, it would be hard to imagine that Washington, D.C. might ever see — let alone welcome — as prolific a liar as Donald Trump. But as Jimmy Kimmel noted on Thursday, the former president is “getting a run for his money from another New Yorker of ill repute: newly elected misrepresentative George Santos.”

The laundry list of things Santos has lied about just keeps growing, and includes his educational and professional background, an animal charity that reportedly never existed, his religion, his mother dying on 9/11, and now — maybe most bizarrely — him being some sort of volleyball champion. “If you’ve ever seen this guy, he looks more like a volleyball than a volleyball star,” joked Kimmel.

While he’s being chased through the halls of the Capitol by reporters wanting him to tell his side of the story, Santos has mostly remained mum on his series of falsehoods… until now. As Kimmel explained, the freshly sworn in congressman “did agree to sit down for an interview with one of the hardest hitting journalists” working today: Matt Gaetz?!

The Forehead from Florida buddied up to Santos by reassuring him that “embellishing one’s resume isn’t a crime. It’s, frankly, how a lot of people get to Congress.” That was how the Florida Man segued into the bigger question of where Santos got the more than $700,000 he donated to his own campaign.

Santos, ever the contrarian, instead told Gaetz where it didn’t come from: “It didn’t come from China, Ukraine, or Burisma. How about that?”

“You’re going to be shocked to hear this,” Kimmel said of Santos’ non-answer answer. “Matt Gaetz didn’t really press him on it.”

You can watch the full clip above, which includes video of Santos tripping over a newspaper as he tries to get away from reporters, beginning around the 3:00 mark.

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/jimmy-kimmel-mocks-matt-gaetz-interviewing-george-santos/