Jimmy Kimmel Apologized To Quinta Brunson On The Air For That Weird, Failed Emmys Bit

This year’s Emmys didn’t have anything approaching a certain shocking Oscars moment. But the night wasn’t without controversy. The thing that most people talked about — along with Sheryl Lee Ralph’s passionate, musical acceptance speech — involved another Abbott Elementary win: Quinta Brunson getting slightly upstaged by Jimmy Kimmel pretending to be dead even after she won for Writing for a Comedy Series.

As it happens, Brunson was already scheduled to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! a mere two days later. On Wednesday night, the two hashed it out. First, she jokingly interrupted Kimmel’s opening monologue. Then, during their formal chit-chat, he formally apologized.

“I feel like I just saw you,” he cracked as she sat down opposite him. About her speech, he joked, “I missed it. How did it go?” He then got serious, calling what he did a “dumb comedy bit.,” adding, ““I’m sorry I did do that, actually. And also, the last thing I would ever want to do was upset you because I think so much of you. And I think you know that — I hope you know that.”

Brunson accepted Kimmel’s apology, saying, “It is very kind of you to say that,” and adding that she was “wrapped up in the moment” of having won her first Emmy and “just having a good time.” She then added, “I had a great night!”

Kimmel then blamed it all on Will Arnett, his co-presenter, to which Brunson said, “Screw Bojack Horseman.”

Brunson addressed Kimmel’s antics after her win, saying that it “didn’t bother me and pointing out that he was one of the first person to see Abbott Elementary and had long been a supporter of hers. “Tomorrow maybe I’ll be mad at him,” she added.

As for Sheryl Lee Ralph, well, she wasn’t as forgiving.

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