JFK Jr. Didn’t Return From The Dead At The Grassy Knoll, But QAnon Cultists Think He’s Going To Do So At A Rolling Stones Show Tonight Instead

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The QAnon-backed JFK Jr.-resurrection saga has, if you can believe it, taken an even stranger turn.

Just to recap, a bunch of QAnon believers have had a pretty unhealthy obsession with the deceased son of former President John F. Kennedy for a while now. They once predicted he would pop up in Washington, D.C. on July 4th a couple of years ago but, sadly for them, that did not end up happening. The running theme of these John F. Kennedy, Jr. conspiracy theories seems to be that he’s alive, in hiding, and has been working in secret for years to dismantle the “deep state.”

With us so far? Good, because this is where things get batsh*t crazy. Like, even more delusional than the above.

QAnon folks predicted that JFK, Jr., who tragically perished in a plane crash in the ’90s, would be making an appearance at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on Monday night to make some sort of announcement — one that either reinstated Donald Trump as president or announced he’d be running as Trump’s Vice President pick in 2024. Obviously, this did not happen. But, here’s the kicker: now (and via Raw Story), a bunch of QAnon people are backtracking, saying that JFK, Jr. is actually going to open for the Rolling Stones at their concert in the city tonight.

That’s right: the group that believes lizard-people are running the world’s governments now thinks the dead son of a former president is going to be the opening act for an English rock band.

And that’s not all — mostly because it never is with these weirdos. No, apparently, QAnon followers are claiming that they’ve spotted even more dead celebrities strolling around Dallas this weekend. Everyone from Robin Williams to Dale Earnhardt has been mentioned amongst the group. And look, we might believe that last bit if it was still All Hallows Eve when the veil between the living and dead thins and unsettling things are known to happen but it’s Tuesday at a venue called the Cotton Bowl Stadium, you guys.

And it seems extremely odd that JFK, Jr. is suddenly the right-wing flavor of the month. He was a staunch Democrat, from a blue-blooded lineage that was the definition of the coastal elite stereotype these people seem to hate so fervently. Why he would be supporting Trump if he decided to reanimate is entirely beyond us.

(Via Raw Story)

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/jfk-jr-qanon-rolling-stones-concert-dallas/

New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/