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The offseason provides players with the opportunity to unwind in a variety of ways, from island getaways to diving into hobbies like golf, players get a few months to enjoy themselves with one eye on the upcoming season.

For Ja Morant, that means getting a chance to pick up some new jewelry down at Icebox in Atlanta, where many of the biggest stars in sports and music make their way to for custom pieces. On Wednesday, Morant was in Atlanta to pick out some new chains (his new max contract means there’s some more money in the jewelry budget) when a newly engaged couple rolled in looking to buy some wedding bands and got something of an early wedding gift from the Grizzlies star.

Morant invited the couple over to take some tequila shots with him to celebrate their impending nuptials properly, which they happily obliged.

You can’t turn down tequila shots from Ja, even if it’s a Wednesday afternoon at the jewelry store, and it’s a cool gesture from the young star to want to help them celebrate. Morant also notes that he himself hopes to get married “some day,” and whenever that happens you can bet there will be more celebratory shots and diamonds being purchased.


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