Few people have profited off being Donald Trump’s spawn like Ivanka Trump. Apart from clearly being the former president’s favorite child, she’s also ascended to White House positions to which she was almost certainly unqualified, along with making a ton of money for herself and husband Jared Kushner. But there was one major job she almost nabbed, had it not been for one meddling Trump staffer.

As per Insider, Ivanka came awfully close to nabbing the role of leader of the World Bank, the international institution that oversees loans and grant to low- and middle-income nations. Would the greedy daughter of one of the world’s greediest men have been a good fit for that? Probably not! Luckily Steve Mnuchin, the Warner Bros. exec-turned-Secretary of the Treasury, put the kibosh on that one.

It was early 2019, and Jim Young Kim, the physician and anthropologist who had helmed the institution since 2012, announced he was stepping down. This, Insider says, “presented then-President Donald Trump with the ability to reshape the leadership of the World Bank.” On his list of replacements was Ivanka, on the basis that, as he told The Atlantic, “she’s very good with numbers.”

Ivanka didn’t get the job, and she later claimed she turned it down. But two sources told The Intercept that it was Mnuchin who stopped her from nabbing the gig. “It came incredibly close to happening,” one claimed.

So while Donald Trump may have exited the presidency, the world may still have had to put up with the wife of a notorious alleged slumlord lording over which struggling nation gets financial assistance. And it’s thanks to one of the producers of the Kevin Hart-Will Ferrell prison comedy Get Hard (and lots of other WB titles, including Mad Max: Fury Road) that that nightmare never happened.

(Via Insider)

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/ivanka-trump-world-bank-leader-steve-mnuchin-stopped/

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