‘It’s like the frozen tundra in my office’: Video of women using blankets at the office highlights issues with A/C tolerance

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A viral video of women wrapped in blankets while sitting at their desks in a call center office has sparked discussion among viewers about the temperatures maintained in the buildings they work in.

Posted by user Lisa (@imwoahlisa), the video shows an office largely made up of women, some of whom are wrapped in various throw blankets.

Some viewers shared their own experiences of working in offices that were too cold for them a majority of the time.

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“I have a blanket at my work it’s like the frozen tundra in my office,” one viewer said.

“It’s freezing in my office,” another commenter wrote. “For my birthday my coworker got me a heated blanket, that was the most thoughtful and useful thing I could ever want!”

“I work at a hospital and it’s cold always,” a third shared. “I have a blanket in my little area I sit.”

According to a 2015 study, the office thermostat settings most commonly used may be biased in favor of men, who have higher resting body temperatures than women. Formulas for the ideal ambient temperature inside of office buildings developed in the 1950s are still in use today, creating an environment that is not geared toward women in the workplace.

Some women who commented on Lisa’s video shared that they were allowed to have blankets in their offices—until someone brought bed bugs with them.

“I worked at a call center and would do this until someone brought in bed bugs twice,” one viewer claimed. “They stopped letting us.”

“See, I used to work in a call center and we were allowed to have them until someone brought one and spread bed bugs,” another wrote.

“I quit my call center job, I saw a bed bug crawling on me while on a call,” a third added. “I never went back. I got home and stripped in my car before going in.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lisa via tweet regarding the video as other methods of contact could not be identified.

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