Is ‘The Batman’ In The Same DCU As ‘The Suicide Squad’?

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With James Gunn expanding the DC Extended Universe thanks to his work on The Suicide Squad its hit spinoff, Peacemaker, it’s a fair question to ask if the next big DC property, The Batman, has any connection to that world. Several times in his HBO Max series, Peacemaker (John Cena) makes quips about Batman, and The Suicide Squad movie stars Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), a longtime companion of Batman’s arch-nemesis The Joker. However, those characters are connected to Ben Affleck‘s Batman and not Robert Pattinson‘s new take on the Dark Knight.

Despite The Suicide Squad being a soft quasi-reboot of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, the film and its spinoff from Gunn remained connected to the DCEU that was slowly being built by films like Justice League. In fact, while promoting Peacemaker in August 2021, Gunn revealed that Warner Bros. is no longer shying away from connecting the DC films. At least entirely.

While the DCEU continues to expand with films like Black Adam and The Flash, director Matt Reeves was given the go-ahead to create a completely separate universe for The Batman. Like Joker, it’s a separate thing with no connection to any of the DC films that preceded it, including The Suicide Squad.

“Warner Bros. has a multiverse where they’re exploring different ways to use the character … We don’t get involved in that,” The Batman producer Dylan Clark told Empire. “Matt is interested in pushing this character to his emotional depths and shaking him to his core.”

The Batman hits theaters on March 4.