Is ‘Euphoria’ Renewed For Season 3?

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HBO’s Euphoria may be receiving some mixed reviews this season, but many viewers agree that the teen drama is an intense but realistic depiction of teen life (well, not everyone) and its actors have received a slew of praise, including an Emmy for Zendaya. So, it has to be one of those shows that is renewed season after season, right? When will the third season of Euphoria air? It’s a tricky question.

The HBO show premiered in June 2019 with the first season consisting of eight hour-long episodes. Season two was set to premiere sometime in 2020, but, you know, a lot of stuff that was supposed to happen in 2020 didn’t. Instead, there were two “special” episodes that aired in late 2020 and early 2021.

Season two premiered last month on January 9th, 2022. Since the show has a lot of hype, it’s safe to assume that HBO will want the drama to come back for season three, but there is no confirmation at this time that it will happen. If the shooting schedules continue the way the show had originally planned, we can assume that, if there is another season, it will shoot this year and premiere early next year. But, again, only time will tell. There is still time to campaign for Sydney Sweeney’s Emmy, though.