‘Infinite food glitch’: Viral TikTok shows KFC offers free meals for orders without receipt—and drive-thru is out of receipt paper

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A viral TikTok video shows what some might consider a free food hack.

TikTok user @unknownhiddenaccount posted the video, which showed two signs in a KFC drive-thru window.

One sign read, “We’re out of receipt paper due to supplier shortage.” The other stated that if you don’t get a receipt with your order, your meal is free.



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The video received 540,000 views and nearly 300 comments on TikTok as of Tuesday. Viewers had their own theories about the receipt paper shortage.

“Blame CVS for the shortage,” one viewer commented on the video, referencing CVS’s notoriously long receipts.

Other viewers said the TikToker had uncovered an “infinite food glitch.”

“unlimited free food hack?” one viewer suggested.

Another said, “Free food for the forseeable future.”

Some viewers were skeptical about the so-called hack, pointing out that customers only get a receipt after they pay anyway. But others pointed out customers could potentially ask for their money back.

“So since you pay then get a receipt, you would have to ask for your money back lol,” one viewer commented.

Someone else wrote, “I never understood these signs – you get a recipe AFTER you pay… so if you don’t, wouldn’t they just be like ‘oh here’s ur receipt’ instead of free?”

The TikToker wrote in a comment that the sign was located at the pick up window, indicating that the free meal promotion may only apply to prepaid pick-up orders without receipts.

TikTok user @unknownhiddenaccount did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment. The Daily Dot also reached out to KFC.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/kfc-receipt-paper-free-food-tiktok/
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