In '90s gem, Larry David debunks idea that 'Seinfeld' was sold as a show about 'nothing'

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In a recently unearthed video from 1998, Larry David, co-creator of “Seinfeld,” sits down with Charlie Rose to talk about the end of the hit TV show. Within the first few minutes of the interview, David drops a line that leaves Rose temporarily speechless. “Seinfeld” was not pitched as a show about nothing and everyone’s memory of that being true was actually taken from a “Seinfeld” episode.

If you need a moment to collect yourself, please take it. I was shocked because I clearly remember it being about nothing. And if you have no idea who or what “Seinfeld” was, let me fill you in. “Seinfeld” was once at the top of the sitcom world and introduced a standup comedian named Jerry Seinfeld and his friends to the world. Viewers came back every week to watch all of the randomly hilarious situations that Seinfeld would find himself in and would close with him doing a comedic monologue on stage about the very things we saw him experience. How did a large group of people believe that the show was supposed to be about nothing?

Our brains are so powerful. We hear something and eventually that becomes reality, whether it’s true or not. It’s a phenomenon known as the Mandela effect where our brains create a false memory. Surprisingly it happens more often than one would think. Nelson Mandela died in 2013, but for some reason a ridiculous amount of people remember him dying in the 1980s while still in jail. There are countless examples of this phenomenon, including whether Curious George had a tail or not and if the Monopoly man wore a monocle.

No matter how many people insist their memory is correct about “Seinfeld,” you can’t really dispute the show’s creator. I’m pretty sure he would know what he pitched and wrote. Either way, this was certainly a fun relic to dig up. And will surely leave people scratching their heads and questioning their memories.


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