If Your Wordle Stats Look Wonky (And Your Winning Streak Suddenly Disappeared), Then You’re Definitely Not Alone

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Enthusiasm for the Wordle game can’t be stopped, it seems. Everyone and their mom appears to be into this wordplay game, in which people arrange blocks to form words, and it’s ever so simple but ever so addictive. It’s a way to amuse oneself for a few minutes each day and not worry about all the threatening chaos that lurks outside in the world. That’s not even an exaggeration these days, but Wordle (invented by Josh Wardle, who recently sold the game to the New York Times) has upset (more than) a few devotees.

Nope, there hasn’t been a price attached to the game, as of yet, but maybe some of the many upcoming copycats will hold some allure now because Wordle fans (via The Verge) are rather flummoxed that their statistics seem to be borked. This includes winning streaks, which takes away the feeling of sweet victory over friends and family.

The New York Times acknowledged this problem. “Hi Wordlers! We are aware that your ‘current streak’ has been reset today,” the publication tweeted. “Our Games team is currently investigating. Stay tuned for more #Wordle updates.”

Let’s just say that things are getting a little dramatic out there.

It’s only a game, right? Time to meditate over lost Wordle streaks.

(Via The Verge)

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/wordle-statistics-streaks-broken-new-york-times/