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man in airplane hangar (l) hand holding lemon-lime sqweeze popsicle (c) man in airplane hanger holding popsicle (r)

In a viral video, TikToker Kody (@kodynewbille) shows a brand of electrolyte popsicles in the freezer of his workplace, claiming that all jobs with those frozen treats “work the sh*t out of” its employees.

The video, shared May 18, has over 1.4 million views and received comments and duets from other workers, including an Amazon employee who shows their warehouse’s freezer stocked with the popsicles.

@kodynewbille Gotta get this money!! #bluecollar #southern #electrician #squinchers ♬ original sound – Kody

The popsicles are known as Sqwincher Sqweeze Pops. The brand’s site promotes the electrolyte-filled treat for workers and athletes. ”When you need quick hydration on the job or in the field, reach for the unique frozen solution designed to help you replace what the body sweats out,” it reads.

In the comments section, several workers agreed with Kody’s sentiment.

“If that ain’t the truth,” one user said.

“That mixed berry just hits different on a hot day,” another commented.

“Railroader here, this is true!” a third said.

An Amazon employee (user @ponchiitoo) also chimed in with his own TikTok using Kody’s audio, recording a pile of them in the freezer. Another worker, Joe Jannicelli (@joejannicelli), duetted the Amazon employee’s video, showing him holding a Sqwincher Sqweeze popsicle.

@ponchiitoo #fy #fyp #facts #amazon #amazonfinds #electrolytes #popsicle #abq #deliverydriver #nodaysoff #sqweezzyyyy👑 #hotaf ♬ original sound – Kody

In Janicelli’s comments section, other users shared their experiences with the popsicles at their jobs. 

“Facts tho. They had these in the freezer at the Starbucks in Disney I used to work at,” one user commented.

“Yup, Fedex Ground… though the grape flavor is my favorite,” another said.

“We use them in entertainment at Universal due to the heat,” a third commented.


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