‘If the work gets done what does it matter’: Woman’s video about having fun while remotely working sparks debate

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A woman’s five-second TikTok showing her on a boat while “remotely working” has sparked some discussion on the platform about remote work and play amongst its viewers.

@averyncmm captioned her video, “Remote ‘workers’ on a Wenesday at 2 p.m.,” with several hashtags about work-life balance.

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Some commenters agreed that as long as nothing was interfering with their ability to work, it was their business how and where they conducted remote employment.

“We’re adults,” one commenter wrote. “If the work gets done what does it matter. I’ll be working ‘remotely’ while touring the us national parks next year and I can’t wait.”

“Sent this to my bosses,” another said. “They say as long as my work gets done I could work from wherever.”

“I tell my employees, as long as you are getting work done, I don’t care where you do it at,” a third claimed.

Others wrote that while they have a lot of freedom while working from home, they still have some constraints that limit where they can actually work—some have heavy desktop computers, while others are required to be within a geographic area.

“This is why I wanna work remote but they’re all like, ‘you gotta live in a certain place,'” one commenter wrote. “Why? I’m working from home.”

“My current job gave me an entire desktop that has to be wired,” another commenter wrote.

“I have to admit I get so salty when I see this bc I had to teach 1st graders remotely from an empty classroom bc no one trusted teachers to be working,” another commenter wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @averyncmm via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/having-fun-remote-work/

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