‘I would’ve never expected this ending’: Customer spends 8 hours at Fogo de Chao’s buffet

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TikTok user Madison (@ugh_madison) has made a name for herself online by testing the boundaries—and sometimes patience—of buffet owners.

From spending 12 hours enjoying the Golden Corral buffet to being cut off at a hibachi grill and then kicked out of Cici’s Pizza, the content creator has spent many hours finding out how long different types of buffets will let her stay.

Some, like Golden Corral, have honored their displayed policy of allowing customers to eat their fill, while others have cut her off but allowed her to stay in the building.

In her latest iteration of the series, Madison heads to upscale Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chao for its $50 all-you-can-eat steak buffet. Not only was she recognized by the waitstaff, she was brought a free seafood platter of lobster and shrimp, beverages, and told to stay as long as she liked.

When she asked for her check after eight hours, a member of the restaurant’s staff informed her that it had been comped, and she would have to pay nothing.

“I gave them a $400 tip because we’re besties now,” she says in the video. “That was the best eight hours and forty minutes of my entire life, at Fogo de Chao.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Madison via TikTok direct message regarding the video.

Many viewers wrote that they would be interested in eating at the steakhouse specifically because of how kindly they treated Madison—but maybe not for eight hours.

@ugh_madison I cant belive this happened!!! I would’ve never expected this ending 😭 #fogodechao #buffet ♬ original sound – Madison

“Wow, that’s a place I’d visit just bc they were so hospitable to you,” one commenter wrote. “I wouldn’t stay hours of course but that’s quality especially in these times.”

“I love Fogo de Chao! comping your meal definitely worked because now I feel okay about splurging here. I’m influenced,” another said.

“Wow. Your awesome video AND their amazing actions officially decided what I’m getting for dinner,” a further user commented.

Several commenters were genuinely curious about how the poster could eat enough in that eight-hour period to make her time at the buffet worth it.

“Plot twist! idk how u do it girl id wanna hurl after 1 hour,” one said.

“IM SORRY BUT 8 HOURS OF EATING OR AM I MISINTERPRETING THAT sounds like fun regardless,” another commented.

“I don’t even like buffets but I love this buffet for this,” a further user added. “Question: how are you able to eat so much?”

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New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/