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woman in plane seat holding hand on face mask caption "There's no way this happened on my flight" (l) flight DM's caption "where u stayin im tryna hit" from chad4C (c) woman in plane seat holding hand on nose caption "SHUTTT UPPP" (r)

A woman went viral on TikTok after she posted a video of messages she received from a man via her plane’s seat screen.

“There’s no way this happened on my flight,” user Georgia-May Davis (@georgiamaydavis) wrote via text overlay.

The clip features the user Georgia-May Davis (@georgiamaydavis) showing messages from a fellow passenger named “Chad” in Seat 4C. She shows the first message he sent to hear seat screen, ”how are you?” 

However, he quickly became presumptuious.“Where u stayin?” he wrote in the next message. Davis looks shocked as she replies, “What?”

“I tryna hit,” he responds. After that, she blocks him.

@georgiamaydavis You lost me at “Chad” 🤡 #seatchat #chad #chadfilter #plane ♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

The TikTok video has been viewed 3.1 million times as of Saturday. The comments were flooded with questions, with many wanting to know what airline offered seat-to-seat messages during the flight.

“What airline does this omg,” one user asked.

“WAIT WHAAAT AIRLINE?” a second user questioned, “I want to do this.”

“What airline is thissssss lol,” a third wondered.

Davis answered that she was on Air New Zealand.  Some viewers accused her of the video being fake, since her ex-boyfriend was named Chad.

“We all know it’s the person next to you lmao,” one commenter accused.

“Why did u stage this with someone ur flying with tho,” a second agreed.

“Ain’t no way this is real LMAO,” a third said.

Davis, however, assured TikTokers that the incident was real. “My ex-boyfriend was called “Chad” so trust me when I say it wasn’t,” she wrote in a comment. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Several others said they’ve had similar experiences on flights.

“Omg this happened to me years agoooooo I was so shook,” one person shared.

“When i was on a train in germany a guy airdropped me a messaged saying a was cute LOL,” a second stated.

“Me and my sister talked to this random dude on the plane,” a third commented.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first incident where a passenger attempted to chat up someone via a plane seat screen. In May, a TikToker named Steph tried to flirt with her through the plane’s seat screen while on an Aeromexico flight. She immediately declined the message.

The Daily Dot reached out to Georgia-May Davis for comment via TikTok comment.

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Share - Shperndaje

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