‘I want to be like you when I grow up’: TikToker confronts Karen who left dead, pregnant rat at her doorstep


A vial TikTok shows a town councilwoman’s daughter confronting a so-called “Karen” for allegedly leaving a dead, pregnant rat on the doorstep of the councilwoman’s house.

The TikTok was posted by Poppy Dickinson (@poppydickinson) on Wednesday, who added #karen to the clip. “Some cute lady left a dead rat on our doorstep,” the text overlay reads. In the clip, Dickinson opens the door, and there is a rat right outside on the doorstep with a note underneath.

The note reads: “Can we please have some poison down at the allotments? This is a pregnant female.” The note is signed by “Liz.”


I recorded it for evidence because today is not the day I was gonna be arrested 💪🏼 there is more I just couldn’t fit it all in #fyp #karen

♬ original sound – Poppy Dickinson

The TikTok had over 2 million views by Thursday.

In the U.K., allotments are small plots of land rented to people for gardening purposes. In this case, Dickinson is the daughter of the village councilwoman who manages the allotments, and Liz is a renter.

The clip cuts to Dickinson walking down the street with the rat in a bag. “Special delivery for bestie,” the text reads.

The the clip shows an audio recording by Dickinson of the confrontation. “Lizzy I think you left something,” Dickinson says in the clip. “I just wanted to know, was it dead when you found it?”

In the audio clip, it sounds like Liz found the dead rat outside on a path.

“How would you feel if someone purposefully went out of their way picked up a dead animal and left it on your front doorstep?” Dickinson is heard saying. “If anything this is making [my mom] less willing to help you out because she sees that you’re disgusting.”

In a second TikTok, the audio continues. “Don’t be silly,” Liz replies.

“I’m not being silly,” says Dickinson. “This has really affected her [my mom] and as her daughter, you can see that. You’re not in our home. You can’t see your actions and how they’re affecting other people.”

The two then talk about how rats are natural.

“I’m not a councillor, but I think what you’ve done is disgusting and that’s why I’ve come here,” Dickinson continues. “I’ve not come here to tell you that everything’s going to be fine. I hope you do grow up and realize there are bigger problems in the world. People are dying in Ukraine, and I’m sorry, but dead rats on the allotments is probably the least of everyone’s worries right now.”

In the comments, Dickinson addressed why she confronted Liz. “She’s [my mom is] literally everything to me and is so scared of rats!” she wrote. “Seeing her break down like she did was heartbreaking to me so I had to do something.” She added that she isn’t going to report the incident to the police.

As for how she knew the rat was pregnant, Dickinson wrote in the comments, “She literally said ‘you can feel it if you squish it’s tummy’ I was like I’m not gonna do that.”

In the comments, people backed Dickinson up. “The way you spoke so calmly, I know a few who would have just chucked that down her hallway as soon as she opened the door,” one TikToker wrote.

“Well done for keeping cool and defending your mum!” Another wrote.

“Queen liz has lost the plot,” a TikToker wrote.

“Wow wow wow I want to be like you when I grow up. So eloquent!” another commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dickinson via TikTok comment.

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